I AM a Pleiadian. I AM a multidimensional being in this body. I do not come from this world. I have been here since the beginning, but I spent most of my previous incarnations on other planets and higher dimensions. Things for me work in a different way. I AM different, magical, weird, mysterious, unique. I perceive reality in a different way, expanded, without limits, restrictions, borders, labels, attachments. My reality is awesome. I do not see nor feel separation, there is no time or space, only here and now. Everything is perfect and as it should be. The fifth dimension is my Home, and it is here now.

I do not give up on myself, who I AM. I do not give up on what I can do, just because this world and it’s inhabitants don’t want to see me shining, they do not want me to be who I AM. My God-Self. Myself. Fitting in, thinking that it is ok to be just like everybody else doesn’t work for me. I tried. It killed me. Diminishing myself, shutting down what I can do and who I AM frustrates me. Conforming brakes me. Pretending to be happy in this way is just faking my life. It doesn’t work. I am not happy when I put on a mask just to meet the expectation of others. It was not the appruval or the validation from others that I was searching. I just had to understand what is real for me. I had to accept that it is ok being me. Once you are awake, you can not go back. It is impossible.

I’m dying to express myself. To express myself in any way from my core. Express the Higher being that I AM, my Highest Self. Me. It is the only thing that gives me joy. It was me that I was searching for. The man, the God. Being the real me, is the only thing that makes me happy.

I decided that I AM going to be happy. To love, laugh. To be free. Everything is going to be perfect as it is right here, right now,. I want to live, my way.

I do not bend. I do not kneel. I do not brake. I fall. I rise again.

I AM a game changer, a rule breaker, a pioneer, a rebel, a system builder. A messenger.
We are all a great family on Earth, in spiritual truth. But I have the right to choose those of my kind. Who shares my vision, who wants to share my own happiness. Who chose me as well. My soul tribe, the silly, crazy, geniuses, masters, students, friends, brothers and sisters. Aliens!
My heart has always beaten for you. You are my highest call. I AM my own call. My call is being who I AM. I AM calling myself. Toward the awakening, the light and the peace.

Michele Cornacchia.

Personal Note.
This is for us, starseeds on this planet! I decided to go personal an be a bit more creative so that we all feel more connected and understand that the real thing is happening, for real, in 5D. Not on a screen. So that we can clearly see that we are going through the same. I was sitting today just tiring to figure out that what is happening is all real, tiring to understand the lessons I had to learn. Living in denial doesn’t work. Right now, starseeds are waking up all around the world. Numbers don’t lie. It is time to be you! Not what others think about you. I sincerely hope that you find the strength, the courage, to be authentic. Real. You. I wish the same for me. May you be at peace. Blessings.


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