Data coming in, flowing, the river, singing,
the phoenix, burning.
The last breath, before death, a last burst,
then rebirth.
Now she rises, up, to the sky, a new skin, with feathers, begin,
the life, renewed in the fire.
Purified, electrified,
shaking off the old ashes.
I see red and orange, yellow, melting in each other in a symphony of beauty,
flying above me.
I AM the resurrection, the phoenix, recreated anew from within!
I AM the flame, the wind that lifts me on the highest peack.
I AM the eternal life! hidden beyond a birth and a death.
I AM the everything manifesting in you, through you, for you.

New beginnings, conquered freedom, in blood and tears. Make way, we are the wave! One last breath, a death rattle… I am expiring…

… darkness… then light!

Eyes opened, the promised land, the destiny, manifested.

Michele Cornacchia.

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