Thanking Our Benefactors


galactic federation SanJAsKaI was writing an article on future technology when I came across this quote in the First Contact database, (1) from Wes Annac’s sources:

“Even many conscious souls who’ve learned a lot about us through communications we give or any other route have yet to see everything we have to offer, and even your cabal who’s built their own versions of the technology they’ve been given from off-world entities with service-to-self-based agendas, haven’t seen the likes of the Logos-fueled, higher-dimensional technology we’ll happily share with your planet.”  (2)

I became quite choked up reflecting on the magnificent horizons that are opening for us – brought to us by others. Not by dint of our own labors, although we have labored, but given as a free gift, with nothing asked in return, except that we stop warring on ourselves and others.

Abundance given as a free gift, technology, healing modalities, the consciousness shift itself – all given freely to us.

And it occurred to me that the greatest gift (in both senses of the word) that we can give in return is a really graceful thank-you and our love.

The cultivation of gratitude, it seems to me, will be the wisest investment of our time in social terms. Everything about what lies ahead will go better with gratitude. We’ll be constantly receiving.

Our turn will come to pay it forward to another civilization. We’re the first to ascend en masse and in a physical body.  You can bet your boots that our services will be in demand in other Ascensions and we’ll have a lot to say, I’m sure.

At that point, another civilization will be receiving from us and repaying us with gratitude. And so on it will go.

The love that we feel comes up from our own heart – not the heart chakra, but the spiritual heart, the soul, Christ, Atman, two digits to the right of the breastbone.  Most of us think it comes from others or we don’t give a thought to it at all.

But in reality it comes from Source, along the mysterious “fiber optic” that connects our heart to the Transcendental and Absolute One, and out into the world, where people, recognizing our love and feeling it, have their own hearts triggered and feel their own love as well.

Gratitude and love are the coin-of-the-realm, the spiritual currency of the higher dimensions.

They’re also the two indispensable abilities for a civilization about to be graced and blessed by complete strangers from unknown places.

If people are looking for new jobs, consider learning protocol and other ambassadorial skills. Because we’ll need people to stand in front of us and gracefully thank our benefactors.


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(2) “Our Universal Family: Keep Excelling to New Heights,” channeled by Wes Annac, November 22, 2013 at