“Ready to Receive the Spirit”

Sacred 333The Fourth Dimension in the afterlife – which the not-dead … or still-living … call the Astral Plane – sees people sort themselves out.

The darkly inclined are irresistibly pulled to the Dark Planes or Winterlands.

Lighter souls gravitate to the Summerlands.

Movement is usually upwards. Except for the seriously dark, sunk in resentment, most other people find themselves yearning to progress.

Now here we are, allegedly in the Fourth Dimension, but handicapped in a way that none of the denizens of the Astral Plane are. They’re free of this dense, carbon-based physical body; we’re not.  Their spirit doesn’t walk around in an Ironman suit. But we clank around inside these flesh-and-blood machines.

The will of those in the Summerlands causes things to happen and appear, in their malleable domains; our thought may cause them to happen but the process is so slow as to usually go unnoticed. Compared to a resident of the Higher Summerlands, we live a deprived existence.

We have to deal with the exigencies of living in a dense, carbon-based body. With the energies rising, we become like a dog with a heavy coat in summer.

We’re uncomfortable. It feels as unbearable and uncontrollable inside as it appears to be outside. That probably reflects the fact that the outside world is mirroring our chaos in the face of the rising energies.

With Ascension, we’re in a totally-new situation. Soon these dense, carbon-based bodies will transform into lightbodies. Not too many lightworkers have reported back what life in a lightbody is like. But some of us have had moments, or spells, of transformative love and bliss.


Apparently transformative love is where we’re headed, according to Archangel Michael. But let me come to that in a minute.

For now, let me illustrate our process over the last four years.

Picture a road that leads from a city called Anger to a city called Love.

Anger —————————————————————–> Love

Some people don’t live in Anger. Perhaps they live in Resentment or Jealousy or Fear. But all roads still lead to Love.

We’ve been, in this last four years, on a journey of cleansing ourselves of our core issues and conditioned behavior – deconstructing the constructed self – to become more normal and natural (Sahaja = natural), higher-dimensionally speaking. This is the journey from Anger to Love and we’ve been on it.

On that road, everyone will be where they are. There’s no schedule, no clock to punch. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose not to ascend.

Many of us have just been keeping up recovering from what the rising energies release in us or draw out of us. For many others, the cleansing processes are speeding up or getting simpler. We’re beginning to taste our first experiences of what Jesus called real love, what I call transformative love.


Archangel Michael described that love for me in my last reading with him through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23:

“When we speak of love, we speak not only of romantic passion [what I, Steve, call “ordinary love”]. We talk about a depth of perception and connection of balance and sincerity, of trust and the ability to expand, and latitude and permission that goes far further than what many human beings are talking about.” (1)

Definitely. Way farther than what many human beings are talking about. Most human beings have had little or no experience of real love and so they don’t have a reference point for understanding. Michael went on to discuss the situation facing us.

Archangel Michael: Many human beings thus far … don’t have a reference point and the human psyche, again thus far, has difficulty comprehending things when there is not a reference point.

Steve: Well, yes, of course, that does make sense. But even if there is a reference point … I’ve had many peak experiences in which I, for a short period of time, experienced that love. But I’d never been able to walk around in it [prior to my heart opening on March 13, 2015] and be with it for hours and see how it comes and goes, the way it keeps anger and jealousy and resentment away. I’d never luxuriated in it and observed it. So that’s what’s missing for people.

AAM: Yes, and that is what is coming. That is the focus of this rebirth.

When the Mother talks about, when we talk about the rebirth of love upon this planet, that is what we are talking about. (2)

Well, whooopeeeee! Where we’re going is into transformative love.  I can certainly welcome and speak to that.

We are in for a good time.

Transformative love is a love so strong that it holds feelings like anger and hatred at bay. We’re buoyed up by this non-ordinary love and, though we may have started its flow by thinking of a single person, when it arises, it cannot be contained in the channel of personal love. It overflows its banks in a second. It has to be universal.  It has to be sent out to the world, to all and everyone.

Transformative love is a different world, a big cut above our ordinary state of being. In transformative love, we want to hug the whole, wide world. How can we not have the world work out for those around us?

All the discussion of cosmic orgasm? Transformative love and bliss are really what they’re pointing at.

Conscious awareness? Transformative love goes on in the space of conscious awareness.  The two go together.

Transformative love is above-the-line consciousness, universal love, etc. I’m trying to locate it using the terminology of different movements.

We’ll be drowned (that is, the ego will be drowned) in a sea of love. We won’t have to earn it or work for it or stand on our head for it. It’ll simply be the accepted background and predominant quality of life.

And “that is what is coming”? Hallelujah.


All of this cleansing, purifying, deconstructing has been – if you’d like it in a Biblical context – to make us fit vessels to receive the Spirit. What is “the Spirit”? Well, the Divine Mother is the Holy Spirit and receiving her Spirit must mean exactly what’s happening: We receive the Mother’s tsunami of purity, discernment, love and grace and allow ourselves to be transformed.

God is love and the Mother’s energies are all and only love.  To receive the Spirit is to allow in, digest, and assimilate the love the Mother is sending us at the heart of the Ascension process.

It’s been a slog. We’ve been separated from our gossamer spirit bodies all our lives. We’ve carried on in heavy bodies susceptible to disease, decline, and death.

And for the last four years, we’ve been in rehabilitation and recovery.

Ready to receive the Spirit.

Ready to blossom. Ready to unfold. Ready to ascend.