Let Worry Go Now September 29, 2016 by Steve Beckow


Back in 1977, an eventful year for me (growth courses, gurus, trips to India), I had an out-of-body experience.

I awoke in a lucid dream, outside my body.

I rapidly returned. And I felt the transition of the spirit body from being encased or ensconced inside the physical body, to finding myself transferring to the outside  – almost seeping through.

The difference in my experience was like night and day. The etheric body was like the finest gossamer. It’s hard to find something material to compare it to, even remotely.

Put alongside it, the physical body is like an India-rubber lacrosse ball, the kind where you throw it on the pavement and it doesn’t bounce, it’s that thick?   Thwok!

This physical body does not transmit well the refined vibrations associated with the higher dimensions.

I saw this clearly when my spirit body transferred consciousness. What on the inside had been a maelstrom of emotion (long story, not necessary) was on the outside, if you will, a mere whimper.

I was shocked. That’s how dense the physical body is? You’re kidding me.

That my wailing and weeping would be reduced to a whimper? Remarkable.

I’m in a tank. I’m in a slab of flexible concrete. I’m the Pillsbury doughboy in my physical body  – compared to the will-o-the-wisp spirit body, which is finer than a baby’s breath.

This was all realized knowledge, not merely experiential or intellectual. I lived through this experience.  As with all realized knowledge, the memory remains vividly with me.


I’m saying this as a preamble to the observation that we make the dense physical body more dense when we add stress and tension to the situation.  When we introduce stress, on top of what we normally feel, we densify the physical body even more than it is already.

Moreover, when the stress or tension in my musculature increases, my awareness decreases proportionately. When my awareness decreases, the decrease is usually invisible to me because I’m now functioning on a lower level of awareness, that prevents my seeing it.

I don’t know. And I don’t know that I don’t know.

It isn’t until I relax from whatever the urgency or emergency or just plain worry is that I see how stressed I was.

We already know that the unique ways we have of speaking shape the pattern of our disease (pain [translates to tension] in the neck, pain in the rear, pain in the zorch, etc.).

But these beliefs would have little to work their ill effect on if our musculature were free of stress and tension. The beliefs would simply pass through our minds and leave. Our muscles would be in a state of release, a state I can barely imagine. However this presupposes a purification of the mind as well, just as we’ve been doing for the last four years.

In the face of stress and tension, we tense up our musculature, our bodies.  We make them into golf balls, where before they were only lacrosse balls.

When I worry, for instance, I release adrenalin into the body, in the face of which my body responds by tensing up, in a location determined by my thoughts (pain in the …).

We multiply the amount to which the finer vibrations are prevented from making their way “into” us.  We can’t receive them because our receiver set is too gross. The vibrations are too fine for our apparatus to read. Or the message gets through, but garbled.


Into this situation, enter Archangel Michael, who in my last reading (Sept. 23, 2016) asked me in as point-blank a manner as he ever has, to stop worrying. Everything was going to be OK.

I was practically bug-eyed thinking about what lies ahead, and he was reassuring me, calming me down.

I got AA Michael’s message and I don’t need events to get worse before I’ll listen. I’m to stop worrying. And, as the actor says, “Do it now.”

Can I afford to worry? I really can’t. People have been most generous in tolerating my tendencies thus far. How much more can I ask of them?

Has it ever paid dividends? Not really.

Bad strategy that needs to be released to the universe? Looks like it.

Observer to Participant, Witness to Actor, 5D Steve to 4D Steve: Let worry go. Don’t wait until things worsen. Do it now.

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