We saw what are the traits of the Divine Feminine. Let’s see now what the Divine Masculine is! Masculine energy is, of course, totally different from it’s counterpart. While the Feminine is inward directed, masculine is outward directed. It’s characteristic is indeed movement. It is the kind of energy that moves from A to B, that rushes forward to a goal. How does it does this? Through logic! If the Feminine is right brained, emotional, creative, the Masculine is left brain; understanding through logic, calculator. This is good because logic and reasoning are a tool needed to move through life, especially when it comes to planning and achieving something. The point is that on our planet, this force has been disconnected from it’s real nature. Indeed the heart-mind connection has been cutted resulting in a mind-driven society. A 3D mind that sees everything through the lens of separation and judgment. Yes we all have that and we are her to clear it. That is why the Divine Masculine has not jet reached it’s full potential on planet Earth. What we have today is a patriarchal, ego based controlling energy that we call man/male. The asshole model is not even 1% of what the Divine Masculine is.  To awaken this God force, we need to bring all the energy we have stuck in our head, back into our hearts: in other words we have to reconnect to the Divine Feminine. Only in this way the male energy can flourish and express itself.

Another trait is strength. Not only physical, most men are stronger than women, but that strength that comes from inside, from spirit. That spiritual gift that can make you go through the challenges of your ascension journey. No matter the obstacles, the Divine Masculine can and will overcome them all. Connected to strength we have protection: man is a warrior and he fights the good fight. He doesn’t fight others, he only fights for the truth, for himself and for the people. He is the protector, the guardian, of the voiceless, and above everything of his beloved and of his family. Indeed he is linked with material abundance; he can provide the earthly needs of his family. He is there to ensure that prosperity can flow effortlessly.

Power is what allows the Divine Masculine to stand up for himself, for what is right; he sets up clearly defined boundaries and no one can walk through them. He fights the good fight, he would never attack another, in his truest form, but if you try to abuse him, or those he loves,  he will prevent you from doing that. He is a King: he doesn’t bend, bow or kneel to anyone. At the same time he doesn’t want anyone to bow, kneel or worship him. That is the inner power: it comes form knowing who you are, it is not taken from another, it is not obtained with trickery. Being able to move from objective to objective, one of his main traits is determination. Along with that he uses focus; when he knows where he wants to go nothing can stop him, because through his power, determination, and since he never looses sight of his destination -focus-, he will always reach for his dreams. It is also important to mention that the Divine Masculine carries the quality of resilience. With his toughness he can quickly recover from difficulties.

Being the God energy he embodies His aspect: light. Light is information; that is why he can easily connect and feel connected to all that is. Divine Masculine is indeed also a mystic and sage that is constantly searching to improve, learn and expand himself. He is the High Priest, and together with his counterpart, the High Priestess, they hold the secret codes of the Mystery Schools, needed to reach Divine Union and the highest level of Ascension.

Michele Cornacchia