Integrating Consciousness, Light, and Love


enlightenment_by_krigl-d464admI often use my conversations with Archangel Michael to have him confirm – or deny – things for me. And this current reading – Sept. 23 – he confirmed something that has me reeling from considering the possibilities.

He confirmed for me that consciousness and love are one and the same. That also means that consciousness and light are the same since, according to Matthew Ward, love and light are the same.

“The light [is] the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos.” (1)

“Light—let’s call it love, because that’s what we’re really talking about here.” (2)

So Light = Love and Love = Consciousness.

Therefore Consciousness = Love = Light.

I almost reel from the possibilities of taking a fresh look at the literature of consciousness in light of this new knowledge.  This to me is like arriving in Bali or Benares might be to others – a thrill.

All of this reading will be intellectual knowledge, not powerful enough to cause a revolution in my being.

But if I open to it and allow it to unfold itself in me, integrating what’s said about the three, I’m sure the vibrations now are strong enough to support my experiencing the truth of the matter – and perhaps even realization.

This is a conjoining of three things, each of which is said to comprise everything that is and is not. It’s not a trivial contemplation.

Contemplating the oneness of consciousness, love, and light is no different than contemplating God, since God is consciousness, love, and light.

(God = Consciousness = Light = Love.)

But, to my way of thinking, it gives the mind something to play with and keeps it busy.

The power in realizing the oneness of consciousness, love, and light must be awesome.

I’ll contemplate it. If I’m fortunate, I’ll experience the truth of it. If I’m insanely lucky, I’ll realize it.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Oct. 19, 2015, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, May 23, 2015.