How Did It Get to Be This Way?


The choice that faces us as a human society boils down to: Compete or cooperate.

Competing against each other has only led us to the brink of disaster.

I’m not sure that many of us have given cooperation a chance – at least, recently. Why I say that I’ll return to, below.

I certainly can be very competitive myself.

But if you widen the microscope lens a tad and talk about resistance vs. cooperation, then quite a bit more of me hoves into view.

I’d have to say I’ve built my persona, my constructed self, on a foundation of resistance. I connect with a deep vein of it in myself, right now, as I write.

My unique brand of competition then is resistance. But whatever our brand may be, we may never have given cooperation a chance.  And it’s only in cooperation we can get anything done.

How did it get to be this way?

My best guess is that decades and decades of stripping employees of their wage increases, benefits plans, pensions, even job security has turned many unemployed workers into thinking very competitively.

The concentration of wealth in the hands of a few – and those few, the Illuminati – led to corruption all through politics, finance, military, police, etc. Whole arms of services existed that the public knew nothing about – like the secret space fleet, Solar Warden.

To take the example of politics, the political scene is chaotic and absurd. Leaders are falling left and right from corruption and criminality being revealed. Or we are waiting for them to fall because so much of their corruption has been revealed.

One aspect of how things got to be this way was the invention of “a war on terrorism,” as a part of the 9/11 false-flag operation. It made anyone and everyone a potential enemy. A whole culture grew up, especially at airports, built on the fear of the enemy within and without.

All this was done to stampede the population into fear, with the ones who created the problem being the ones who offered the solution – usually an erosion of civil rights.

Foreclosing on so many folks. Poisoning water sources. Fracking. Chemtrails. Toxic vaccines. HAARP and weather warfare. The population of the planet has been under siege.

This is the society from which we’re currently emerging.  No wonder most of us are downright shellshocked when we consider the future. We haven’t digested and grieved our collective past yet. Each new revelation of the colossal manipulation we’ve just emerged from leaves us increasingly dumbfounded.

No, of course we haven’t given cooperation a chance.  We’re too busy surviving, if not in body, then in spirit. What we’ve left behind, we’re well rid of. It was a war of sorts, most of the fighting going on inside. In some ways, a lost generation; in other ways, driven.

And so, yes, we may have to start small. We may have to take baby steps. A cooperative act here, a willingness to trust there. Building trust with each other, where trust has been eroded; respecting the free-will choices of all, and sharing, each with each alike.