Archangel Michael: The Right Use of Will is a Divine Gift

archangel michaelArchangel Michael joins us this week to clarify what individual and collective will is. He declined to associate with with the divine masculine only. It’s a soul capability and, as such, beyond the dualities.

He distinguished between the unfortunate use of will by dictators and torturers and the right use of will by uncorrupted leaders.

Because I’m a learner in this area too, let me offer you a taste of what he said rather than try to interpret a subject I myself am trying to get my head around:

“Understand this reality of your divine power, born of love, into action.

“Will has had a troubled history. It’s been abused in the course of human affairs. And many will decry the use of will because those episodes are what they are thinking of, what they are fearful of.

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“But in fact the right use of will is but a divine gift, not so much as what you would think of as a divine quality, because will is based in action.

“There have been many dictators – and we will restrict this discussion to the planet Gaia – many torturers, both big and small, known and unknown, who have used the application of their human will to bring about mayhem, chaos, hatred…..”

As we prepare to generate the collective will to transform our world, with the means that will soon be at our disposal, this is an important discussion.