Archangel Michael – Protecting The Future!

Elemental Grace Alliance

Archangel Michael – Guest Speaker – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – Protecting The Future – 24th July, 2015


“Greetings Dear Ones, I Am Archangel Michael and I now come forward with Beloved Archaii Faith, My Divine Consort. I have been invited to speak at this Gathering of Esteemed Colleagues Who are all Embodied with the Love and Life of Mother Father God. It is toward the Human Souls who are connecting here that I say to you that you are Addressed with the same Distinction and Honor as Mother Father God, as You too are part of the Unity Consciousness that is in full expression of Your Godliness today. As You all know, I Michael Am the Embodiment of the Blue Ray that indeed Over Lights the Protection of this beautiful Planet Earth. My Work with Beloved Faith covers a wide spectrum of duties, all of which are nothing…

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