Heavenletter #5780 God, Teach Me How to Be Love., September 21, 2016

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Heavenletter #5780 God, Teach Me How to Be Love., September 21, 2016

God said:
You have begged Me to help you be the love that I tell you that you are. Again and again you ask Me to help you be love. You plead to Me that you carry non-love, that you are filled with dislike more than you are filled with love. You, My children, may beg:

“God, tell me how to love. Tell me until I can see love flowing from me. You tell us how to love, yet what you say runs through my fingers. Once and for all, teach me how to feel love and to be love. I am tired of the bitterness and ill-feeling in my heart.”

Dear Unseeing Children, your love is inviolable regardless of what you think and what you yearn for. It is like you wrap a rubber band tightly around your heart. You keep your heart tightly wound.

No matter what you seem to feel, no matter what you say and what you do, your heart is full of love. You tie knots in your recognition of love. You hammer nails into your Heart of Love, yet I maintain that you are love. Without exception, you are love.

Your perception is misguided. It is almost as if you are bound and determined to affirm that you are not love. You are certain that you star in being unloving, as if being unloving is some kind of perverse bonus. You are blinded. You focus on irritation.

I tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about. You are the Son or Daughter of the King of Heaven. You deny that which has been bestowed upon you from the very moment I first thought of you.

Here’s the thing to do: Accept that I have freely given you My Heart of Love.

Come from this premise: What God says is true. God can do anything, and God has filled my human heart with all His Godly Love.

What you call non-love, great absence of love, is like static on the radio in days of old. This is an illusion you carry over and insist on, as if this makes you special.

You do recognize that you have moments of love, don’t you?

You shoulder a burden of anti-love unnecessarily. This is an old tune that you insist on playing over and over in your mind.

It is like you insist upon seeing ghosts from the past stories you have told yourself.

Today lightly keep in mind that you want to catch love in action.

The love you resist is love for yourself. No longer hold your love tight to your chest. Picture a myriad of little Disney drawings of hearts flowing from your big heart all over the world. Your heart is a dispenser of love. What keeps you from knowing this with all your heart?

You can only block the flow of love to and from your heart. You can’t remove it. Stop fighting all the love you contain. You can believe in the love that My heart contains, is this right? You recognize that love exists, yet you can’t accept that love is blazoning within your heart. Accept, and it is done.

You’re not saying that there is no love in the world, are you? You are saying you can’t find it streaming out from your dried-up heart. This a long-held belief you have nourished. You may see everyday that you are denied love, and, therefore, you hold your love back. You might as well try to hold the ocean back.

You hold your love back from the light of day with great effort. No wonder you are tired. You resist love. You may block it, yet you cannot remove it. You can cover your God-given love night and day, yet you cannot remove one whit of it.

When you find yourself thinking you do not know how to love, turn the thought around. The sense of non-love that you surround yourself with has a purpose of reminding you of love. Remind yourself that love exists, and it exists in you, only you have shrouded your love from yourself. You are a cover-up. You perpetuate a loveless masquerade.

You are an instrument of My love. You are not damaged goods.

Give up this reluctance to see the Truth of Love in your human heart and anyone else’s. Give it up.

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