Crossing The Rubicon

February 23rd, 2015

(Nova Biscotti Update April 9, 2016:  This website is going to be undergoing a dramatic overhaul over the coming weeks and months.  The changes are going to be aligning this website with a new mission and purpose – developing communication strategies, tools, and downloadable reference PDFs which can be shared with corporate executives, Chambers of Commerce (National/State/Local), utility providers, small business owners, and non-profit civic leaders for the express purpose of keeping the distribution system running during the time of the EVENT i.e. the period where the electronic financial system has been shut down so it can be rebooted.

This will also include practical tools such as utilizing neighborhood watch groups via existing organizations such as the non-profit supporting “National Night Out” in the US: .  All of these tools and resources will be necessary in order to maintain some semblance of public order during the critical initial 72 hours of the EVENT.  I have received important guidance over the last month that after the first three days, things will be able to calm down quite rapidly… but the key is to maintain civility such that mass panic, riots, and vigilante behavior does not disrupt the peace.  This can and will be successful, but the more quickly tools and resources can be created and disseminated to a mass audience, the faster the EVENT will occur which will ultimately free us all from Spiritual & Financial Tyranny.  Please keep coming back regularly to this website as updates occur, and email me at if you have specific ideas which you think would be helpful.)

Hello, Earth Family – this is a new website being started to assist in bringing some of the concepts surrounding what many of us understand to be ‘The Event’ to a broader and slightly more skeptical audience.

This is not intended to necessarily be a news-oriented website; while there will be references to current events, in many ways they will be presented in a historical context. This is because there will be many people guided personally and via social media to this website by the creators of this website conceptually. This fact alone will mean a few thousand new people will be coming here for the first time just in the first hours after the Event starts.

This is the first substantial website-building gig for us both, and we intend to improve every step of the way – always refining, always tweaking to reach more and improve the website. We don’t know how long it will be until the Event, but we do know as many people need to be reached as possible in some manner prior to the Event.

Given the desire to be relevant and useful for a broad audience, a lot of what we’ll be presenting will be in terms of practical ideas which will be useful at the time of the Event.  These will not be all warm & fuzzy, but every once in a while there may be a blog post with something light! Grumpy Cat No

I am hoping to reach others who are determined to encourage at least a few others to start conceptualizing the idea of drastic, tumultuous, yet positive change. For those of us who have been following Cobra from his blog’s beginning in Spring 2012, many of these ideas are so entrenched in our brains that it is sometimes difficult to conceive of being a person who does not know what is going on.  It is hard for us to get into that mindset again, so I’m asking those reading this pre-Event to take a step back from their current belief system and go back to that time when they were still more or less mainstream belief-wise.

I know many people who would be upset to be called ‘mainstream’, but being part of a quirky subculture does even not remotely qualify one to join this club.  You have to be someone who has crossed the Rubicon of belief; you’ve become part of the what I call the TinFoil Hat Guild.  I use that because hope all readers will clearly understand what I’m getting at even if they’d prefer a different term.  I know from experience that many in the ‘unconvinced’ audience get offended when the term ‘asleep’ gets thrown at them – so I’ve decided to define the distinction differently.  Think about it – we need to get as many people thinking about what is happening and what will transpire as possible, so why do we want to alienate the people we are soliciting as allies?

We need to think about others – those who believe we are completely crazy or gullible – and begin to assess the best ways to educate them quickly without being condescending. While we may be successful in getting a few people to join us before the Event, the vast majority of the people we will influence about the Event will be when it is actually happening – not beforehand. Hence, we have to develop an understanding of our own journeys across the threshold, and realize that the vast majority of people will be experiencing this process in a very accelerated manner compared to our varied experiences.

Ask yourself this question:

“If you could tell everyone you have ever known during your entire life just what is going on and why, what would you say to them?”

If simpler approach is preferable, ask yourself this instead:

“What is it that people will need to know and need to think about?”

There will undoubtedly be a substantial amount of reassuring and explaining involved initially, as it there will likely be a high initial level of emotional distress.  Now combine that with the fact that most people are not going to have more than 3 days worth of critical supplies.  This means we need to find as many creative and ethical ways to get critical supplies to people who need them as quickly as possible.

The good news is this:  When the people band together and work with their neighbors, any group of people or community can successfully deal with this.  Personally, my belief is that the biggest issue is going to be keeping the peace within urban areas around the world.  But there are distinct issues which will arise in any setting or country; to the extent any of you out there have ideas to address these issues during the Event, please send your ideas. We welcome contributions to build out a legitimate reference website. This includes donations to assist in paying for regular website costs, but most important of all is getting ideas from readers – especially in the form of ready-to-publish submissions for articles, posts, or even entire pages (depending on purpose).

In the greater scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal – humanity will get through this easily enough.

It “isn’t” the end of the world!

It’s the beginning of a new one.


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  • Lynne says:

    I love what you’re doing here. I will pass the site on and at the time of the Event share it broadly with my lists. Yeah Nova!!


  • That’s what the website is here for!

  • The Leader says:

    Nice to see you are sending people to the website that I authored a considerable amount of information on.

  • For some reason I cannot see this comment in the Dashboard, but you are welcome.

  • John Dycke says:

    Their is no doubt mankind has turned into the virus that is destroying this planet.The gift we were given has been turned against us and now we will all pay for the damage caused by a few. Good Luck with your web site!

  • I have a bit more hope for humanity. Specifically, once we understand that many of our creature comforts can be easily replaced by environmentally-friendly technologies (that have been suppressed), we will find our lives transformed for the better and we will change our laws to ensure that beneficial patents are no longer held under lock and key due to ‘national security’.

    Part of my own ‘awakening’ (I try to avoid that term) was understanding the full ramifications of having so many technologies which can literally ‘fix’ many of the hitherto unsolvable problems humanity faces regarding economic inequality and environmental destruction.

    I used to view the future as hopeless (as recently as 5 years ago). Now I am greatly looking forward to it!

  • Love1 says:

    Ok mr paid trollite, they have you searching for positive sites to throw your negative comments on? Please if you feel that you have knowledge about the situation of things, elaborate with more intelligent and factual things to say. Your negativity is a virus you wish to spread on this site. These are good people with sincrere hearts on this webpage. Do not bring your troll nonsense here. I will watch you closely, and any other post you put I will counter unrelenting. I protect those whose heart is in the truest state of being. Tell your handlers they failed miserably. No hate towards you, just letting you know your boundaries.

    Much love to you.

      • Marian Baghor says:

        That’s a pretty fierce love you show, Love1. Isn’t it all in our own mind’s eye how we perceive things, like how you look at John Dyke’s comment? Matching with the energy almost? Pay attention to not turning into someone who slaps someone’s face, while yelling “Don’t you dare to hit my friend!”

  • Bajagirl302 says:

    We all are programmed to forget who we really are, and we are not supposed to even have a sub-conscience. And why do we not use 100% of our brain? And I always wondered why we do not live to 1,000+ years. This has all been done to us on purpose. So why would any being “punish” us. We know not what we do, and for the ones that do know, well like Cobra said, they will be taken off world and given a fair trial. If they so choose. All is well. And I am done waiting, but will do what is necessary to help this process. Because if they move to soon, our Earth would be blown up, and that cannot happen.

  • Jorge says:

    “100% of our bain”, that would be cooooool … did´t you see Lucy, the movie? enjoy that!

      • Kat says:

        I saw Lucy and was very disappointed. The movie could have developed much better with such a wonderful concept as using 100% of your brain but the gangsters and blood bath ruined it for me. There are other enlightening movies out there without the violence :-/

      • Jorge says:

        Agree w u!

      • Greg Delapaix says:

        It’s a fact that there are fully staffed military offices with people who review movie material and tell Hollywood producers/directors (and others) exactly
        what they can and can not put in their movies.

  • Marian Baghor says:

    Thank you New Biscuit, ha ha, original name! In the Avatar picture you see apprentice Mickey Mouse studying the book of magic, so that he can solve the flooding that he’s caused by tinkering with his broomstick. I’ve published the movie Fantasia on you tube, you’ll find it in there, under the same name Marian Baghor. it’s exactly who and how I am, or rather, used to be. Trying to surpass the master, showing that I can do better, ahem, not true of course.

    It’s my former attitude in life, an attempt of bravery that was fueled by dispair, to be honest.
    Anyway, back on track now, I love what you’ve created here, your intention. It’s a valuable approach, proven to be that in the near future, I think. I can relate to much of what you write here too. I’m part of that group “embodying of our soul” process and due to having learned a few things, I’m not going into much action as in DOING, with other people, on purpose. I’m simply choosing to be vigilant and show how that “embodying” can be done, by BEING present in my life, which has started anew since 2010. Part of that change is my moving away from my birthcountry Holland.

    I live now in rural Britain, very close to nature, embracing lady Gaia each day.

  • Robert Kimble says:

    The world is falling apart and it will soon be survival by the minute and you have the nerve to bring up this garbage about ascension?

  • novabiscotti says:

    Not all that long ago, I would have echoed your sentiments 100%. Now how I’ve flipped… that is a very long story.

    Enjoy the ride, dude! It’s going to be scary at points (as in the “the world is falling apart”), but the outcome will be OK shortly after a full-meltdown point – when TSHTF.