The Power of Balance and Balancing Power – Update from Shanta Gabriel

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Update from Shanta Gabriel
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The Power of Balance and Balancing Power

Every year the Equinox is a time when all of Nature expresses the perfect balance of light and dark. When we tune into the power of this natural order within all things, we are able to reset the energy systems within our own bodies. From that place of Balance within, we can use the powerful frequencies of Divine Light to bring more Balance into the world.

On this Equinox day of September 22 at 4:00 pm PDT, I will be conducting a teleconference to help reset your energy systems so we can continue to experience the natural order of Balance on all the days of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are entering the season of autumn and reaping the last harvest before winter sets in.

Joining me for this empowering Equinox…

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