New Republic via a GCR: 14 Sept. 2016 Update 1. The Iraqi Dinar officially revalued the week of Sept. 8 2016.

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New Republic via a GCR: 14 Sept. 2016 Update

1. The Iraqi Dinar officially revalued the week of Sept. 8 2016.

2. On Friday Sept. 9 2016, a big sell off began on the stock market and continued to date.

3. Fisher reported that in the wee hours of Sept. 12 2016, the Zimbabwe government was forgiven of it’s debt by the Chinese Elders, making the Zim a sovereign bond that would be toxic to any economic growth unless taken out of the system. The negotiated rate for the Zim could go higher. A few Zim notes were said to be worth more than the world’s current Gross Domestic Product.

4. Zim notes would be redeemed around the same time as the Global Currency Reset.

5. Bruce reported on The Big Call The Big Call that in Iraq all major bills and laws hadbeen finalized and published in their Gazette. Iraqi key cards had been loaded and Iraqi citizens had been using their cards at the new rate.

6. Everything was reported to be working with the new BRICS CIPS system including their master computer in China hooked up to their two new satellites.

7. Bruce had received 27 confirmations that people in Europe began to exchange on Sept. 12 2016.

8. The Tier 1 global Humanitarian projects were said to be fully funded as of 10 pm EST Sept. 12 2016.

9. Some Prosperity Packages that dealt with Humanitarian Projects went out the night of Sept. 10 2016 and those who received them went in to exchange after midnight Sept. 12 2016.

10. The Tier 2 SKRs were said to be processed as of 5 pm EST Sept. 13 2016. (They took up to only 44 seconds each to process under the new system).

11. After 800 numbers went out there would be 27 currency dealers who would activate a code which allowed them to automatically go off line, then come back with the new rates.

12. As of Sept. 13 2016 boxes of bonds have been facilitated and were awaiting immediate liquidity, Prosperity Packages, fines and penalties and Farm claims were all ready to go out. All had been funded, all accounts were liquid, all were ready to go all together after the toll free number release.

13. As the Stock Market crash continued on Sept. 14 2016, Global markets were down around 4%.

14. This Friday on Sept. 16 2016 would be a Stock Market Triple Witching Day when contracts for stock index futures, stock index options and stock options expired on the same day. A Triple Witching Day could result in escalated trading activity and volatility as traders closed, rolled out, or offset their expiring positions.

15. The end of the fisical year for the US Corporation was Sept. 30 2016.

16. Gold and asset backed currency of the new US Republic and other countries begins on Oct. 1 2016.

17. The Chinese Yaun was set to be gold-asset backed global reserve currency on Oct. 1
New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 14, 2016
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