Ascension (fromIammysoul)

What is the ascension process?
We are living an amazing moment in the history of our planet, something magical is happening, something that you will not see onTV or mainstream media nonetheless is very tangible and real. Not to mention the importance and impact that is having and will have on ourselves and Earth. The evolution of the human race is stuck by thousands of years; look at our bodies: nothing changed from a while, but why? Because mankind arrived on the verge of the ultimate evolution: consciousness. Our bodies are perfect, just the way they are. It doesn’t mean that they will not change and that we know everything about what a human body is capable of. In our male dominant world, many of us pretend that evolution is measured in a logical way, meaning that if we believe to be the most intelligent species on the planet, then we automatically earn the right to “rule” the world, poison our land kill animals and other people.
The strongest, wins. To me evolution is maturity: emotional, mental maturity. Evolution is spiritual understanding and connection. How can we call ourselves “evolved beings” if we don’t understand what is love, truth, freedom and the value they have? How can we think to be evolved if we base our reality only on our physical senses which give us a very small window of perception of what exists? Why do we refuse to accept anything that can not be measured scientifically, explained in a conventional, logical way? We ignore phenomena only because we have not an explanation for them and this happens because we refuse to step into the realms of the unknown, the unseen worlds and dimensions that exists right here right now and that tried always to contact us. In other words if we refuse to open our mind we will never change for the better and this moment in our history is asking this to all of us.

In a video that I saw a famous register said that if we have a golf ball sized awareness, when we read a book we will have a golf ball sized understanding, when we live our life a golf ball perception. But if we integrate more and more of who we are and expand our awareness, then when we read that book our understanding improves just like what we perceive in our everyday life, which depends on our state of being, the consciousness of ourselves, in the present moment. The more is expanded the more we will access the dormant talents, gifts and abilities that we all have. The more accurate and vast will be our perception of reality.

An evolved being one fully conscious of who him/herself is in the present moment; a being that is embodying the highest version of him/herself, who she/he really is. Someone that is beyond the body identification, the ego, that part of us that generates the illusion of separation, the illusion that we are separate bodies. Someone that transmuted all the obstacles toward unconditional love for the self (searching for other persons approval, allowing others to give us a value, searching love from others to feel whole and complete) which is the root of all our suffering, and that now is ready to love (forgive/let go/build a relationship) someone else. This is the ascension process: shattering any illusion (fear/False Evidence Appearing Real) that is preventing you to love yourself in the present moment. As you love yourself more and more you access higher states of being, other dimensions, which it turn change your perception of yourself, of reality and what you can do within it. Ascension is raising the frequency of your body, which depends on your state of being (the ability to love yourself in the present moment) so that a dimensional change in us can take place, form a third dimensional reality (physical world, the separation of objects, our ego, illusion) to a fifth dimensional reality (energy, oneness, love, truth). Being in another dimension doesn’t mean that we are going to disappear or that we are going somewhere else: we will remain in 3D but our consciousness, our awareness, our perception, will be in 5D; a reality where there is no time (everything according to quantum physics, happens now, the linear perception of time, past–>present–>future, is not correct) and no space (separation) which, guess what, is another illusion always according to quantum physics (quantum entanglement). Basically I am speaking of perceiving, in our everyday life, the reality for what truly is. Can you imagine a perception without limits, restrictions or boundaries? How would it be your life if you could interact with someone that is in another state or maybe on another planet without any device? Because, you know, literally, there is no “there” and “here”. As we raise our internal vibration and our body reaches the frequency of 21hz (5D) our physical world (3D) changes accordingly because our manifestation ability improves. In fact we will attract only high vibrational beings, situations, circumstances, places that are a match to our own energy. Ascension is accessing and embodying our Higher/Inner self, our highest version, because we understand, experience, accept who we really are: One with All That Exists. Each of us is, literally, All That Exists physically and spiritually.

​We can’t measure evolution in strictly scientifically and logical ways because we would consider as non existent lots of factors that matter, like our emotions. Logic makes man cold and calculator; empathy, which is correlated to emotions, is social intelligence, it is what makes us alive, and open in other words an evolved being.
So if we insert into the concept of evolution our ability to love (sorry science can’t measure emotions) and connection to our real Self through understanding first, and direct experience then, we can say that:
Expansion of consciousness=evolution.
Ascension=expansion of consciousness.
The image simply illustrates the concept, by the way i don’t believe that we originate form apes.

​Right now on the planet a revolution of consciousness is going on. Have you noticed that people slowly but constantly are trusting less and less in politicians, governments, the state? Many beings are now aware of the manipulated news that our tell-lie-vision (television) repeats day after day. We are aware of the machinations, the false flag attacks, that led countless countries in a war for oil. Lots of us are understanding the unsuitability of our economic system, our economic slavery. We deserve more than wake up, go to work, have a quick dinner go sleep and repeat this everyday for the rest of our life. We don’t want to fit into an unjust system that feeds only few beings. More and more people are manifesting their dissent in the streets and there is a general opening toward themes like legalization, therapeutic cannabis, activism, equal rights for all and a more holistic view of our lifestyles. There is also a fascination for the oriental world: it’s philosophy, relaxation techniques like yoga, mindfulness meditation. Moreover there is a growing interest in energetic healing and crystals as alternative healing practices, that usually are labeled as new age but are just a rediscovery of ancient knowledge (smudging and crystals have been used for thousands of years all over the world). All this without considering that we are living in the most important era for our understanding of reality through quantum physics, which is the perfect bridge with spirituality: all the “crazy” things that any highly evolved being said through the ages.
We are starting to search answers within by questioning all that we have been taught.

When we begin to question more is because our awareness is expanding, because we want to give a meaning to our life, we want to understand our purpose and simply be happy.This are the natural consequences of the beautiful shift we are all part of. Why all this is happening? How does it work?

Why are we alive here on planet Earth? What is the source of life in this universe? Light! Our Sun, gives us constantly energy. And what is light/energy? Information! Imagine that the photons are saying “let there be life on this planet!” “let there be warmth on your skin!” (infrared rays). Well it’s literally like this. No Sun, no me writing here now (this is funny and subtle), no you reading this, and no energy exchange (information) between us. Darkness is the lack of informations. The Source of everything, therefore, must be the Sun because without it nothing else can be physically manifest in this moment. More specifically is the Great Central Sun located in the twelfth dimension in the constellation of Lyra. This blinding ball blasts out light (energy) that manifests itself as all things and all beings in this physical universe (remember matter is just low vibrating energy); it is connected with our Central Sun (the core of the Milky Way galaxy, Alcyone in the constellation of Pleiades), with the Sun and with any other star.

​Light=information=(giver of)life=consciousness.

Our Sun is blasting Earth, and therefore us, with data (light) coming from the Source (ourselves) of this universe.This results in an expansion of our consciousness and awareness that allows a quantum leap in terms of evolution to take place. Moreover this light is activating our dormant DNA (97% of it is called “junk” only because we don’t know it’s function). The Ascension process activates our DNA changing it from a two strand to a twelve strand, one for each chakra (seven in the body five above it). As a natural consequence, our dormant abilities (psychic gifts, healing powers and much more) begin to function.

“A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure. Without energy, life would be extinguished instantaneously, and the cellular fabric would collapse. The source of this energy is the sun’s radiation.”
Nobel Prize and biochemist Albert von Szent-Györgyi

​Sounds crazy? Not at all. First of all is scientifically proven that gamma rays (light, high vibrating energy) can alter the structure of our DNA as reported in the National Center of Biotechnology Information and by the Genetic Society of America. There you have it: light changes the DNA.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp “has conducted research that confirms the existence of biophotons. This particles of light, with no mass, transmit information in and between cells. His work shows that DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons (light) creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to ilness and health. Popp’s eight books and more than 150 journal articles and studies adress basic questions of theoretical physics, biology, complementary medicine and biophotons. In 1996 Dr. Popp founded the Institute of Biophysics (biology bended with physics, wow!) in Neuss, Germany.” And it goes on ” Ultraweak Photon Emission (UPE) or Biophoton emission (BPE) refers to the phenomenon of constant and spontaneus emission of light from all biological sistems, without exictation or enhancement. […] The coherent emission of biophotons is connected to energy and information transfer process in the biological organisms, and has been linked to the function of DNA and gene regulation.”

“We know today that man, essentilly, is a being of light”
​Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

In other words our bodies are receivers and transmitters of light (again, informations). This is why our mission here on Earth is holding light in our bodies. By grounding the higher frequencies we are receiving from the Sun, the cosmos, and by projecting them outward we are building a new Self and new perception of reality. We are changing and rebuilding the old.

According to science there are even evidences of a four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA. Researchers of the Cambridge University published a paper proving this. Same reported on the NBC news website.
This according to our mainstream science but we, the spiritual community, know very well by sources like channeled data, NDE experiences, memories, that when fully activated our DNA has not two, not four but twelve strands. In other words a being that can fully access it’s quantum nature, that can alter reality at will and in tangible profound ways.
A being that is fully aware of it’s oneness with God. If you have full access to the nonlocal nature of reality (proven scientifically) then teleporting is not a problem. We literally are everywhere. If you have full access to the infinite energy contained in a centimeter cube of empty space (scientifically proven), then materializing, manifesting whatever you want out of the air it’s not a problem.

Scientific feedback comes from measurements of the Schumann resonance. The Schumann resonances are electromagnetic waves that exists in the cavity formed between the inner edge of the ionosphere (one of the layers of the atmosphere) and the surface of the Earth. It’s the frequency of the electromagnetic field of our planet, indeed it has been called the heartbeat of the Earth. The blasts we are receiving from the Sun and the cosmos (photon belt) are resulting in an increase of the frequency of the planet and ourselves. Researchers of the Polar Geophysical Institute published this confirming that solar flares are playing an active role in increasing the Shumann resonance. Usually this frequency is 7.8hz but it packed many times reaching 16.5hz! This proves that the frequency of the Earth is rising because she is ascending to higher dimensions along with us. Again this are just mainstream data but we know that now the Schumann resonance is much, much higher!

I want you to understand very clearly that you are here now because you choose to be where you are. You knew and planned all this because you wanted to experience it first hand in a physical reality. Remember your free will: there is no authority in the universe that can make you do anything without your permission. It took many lifetimes to get you there; indeed the ascension process took eons to manifest and develop; we are very lucky to live all this!

Humanity was on the edge of extortion and many highly evolved beings decided to embody in this specific moment (but they have been here for eons working on this project) to help the planet and the collective consciousness to raise it’s vibration so that a new world, based on truth and love, can be created. This beings are those from the stars, the E.T.s we keep looking for, they are souls that lived the majority of their lifetimes on other solar systems and dimensions. They are highly spiritual and have a different approach to life and understanding of reality. We are the starseeds. If you are reading this probably you are a starseed that is remembering it’s mission.

We are representatives of many star “races” but mainly of the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and the Andromeda Galaxy. We form the Galactic Federation and we are assisting and monitoring this times of accelerated evolution. Believe me or not, there are even billions of ships with our brothers and sisters on board, those of us that are not embodied on Earth, in our solar system. Just like this three retired NASA astronauts are telling us, we are not alone, we are being contacted. If this resonates with you, please understand that you are not human. Did you know, for example, that the blood group 0RH- is called alien, because it is not present in the apes? No ape’s species on Earth has 0RH- in their blood.

The Pleiades.

Why this star beings don’t step forward openly? They are not allowed to interfere directly with other races evolution and with our free will! If they do that they will prevent us from experiencing and building the world we want, there are no saviors! We can only save ourselves! There are beings that can show us how we can do it but the work is up to us. That is why many of us decided to embody here because by taking in and projecting out light we can change the matrix (the collective reality that we all co-create) from inside out without breaking the universal law of free will (direct intervention from an outside force). It is a choice that each single being makes, for him/herself. Slowly this is having an impact on the collective consciousness resulting in a new reality, a growing spiritual movement and the changes described previously. This doesn’t mean that this positive extraterrestrials are not helping us: believe me there are and a lot! At the right moment when we will be ready they will initiate contact on a global scale.

This star beings were called angels by the religions because believed to be gods, meaning above or superior to others, which is fake because each of us is God, we are all one and the same. Angels are simply creator beings (like any being in the universe), messengers, they are above all religions, they have no religion at all! Angel=E.T.=you!
They are the gods of ancient Egipt, of the Mayan and Sumerian civilization.

Be aware also that there are other aliens here on the planet that have not our best interests at heart.

There are three ascension waves programmed to propel mankind into the fifth dimension and during these time frames the energies hitting the Earth, and us, from the Sun and the Great Central Sun will be particularly strong.
The first wave occurred in September 2015 exactly 28/09/2015 (blood moon eclipse) when 1/3 of the beings present on Earth had been aligned to the fifth dimension. The second wave will be in March 2016 at the spring equinox (2/3). The third wave will be in summer at the summer solstice (unconscious humans 3/3). Being a first waver doesn’t make you better than anyone and everybody makes it. In summer 2016 we will all be aligned to 5D. Again, we are not going to disappear, the world will not change in a blink of an eye (yes it will but not physically). “Simply” for the first time in history we, as a collective, will be aligned to a different state of being (dimension/perception/reality). We will live in a 3D physical reality with a consciousness of a 5D reality (oneness) one of the non physical dimensions that originate 3D. It is already done, you simply need to go through some experiences in order to obtain awareness of it.

TO BE AWARE OF THIS NEW PERCEPTION YOU NEED TO EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS WITH CONSCIOUS EFFORTS, OR NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR YOU. If you approach life from the same belief system and 3D way of thinking (separation, ego) and experiencing, nothing will change. Fortunately we have already chosen the way of evolution, not extinction, meaning that, again, you agreed to be part of this before your present incarnation or you wouldn’t be here. Maybe you don’t remember it now, but you will. THE ASCENSION PROCESS CAN NOT BE STOPPED: EVERYTHING WILL HAPPEN AS DESCRIBED; quantum leap in human consciousness, DNA upgrade, recognition of ourselves as the supreme force in this universe: LOVE (GOD/ENERGY/THE UNIVERSE). The ultimate goal is returning to your original 12D state of being: complete awareness of your oneness with All That Is. 5D is only the first stop. The birth of a new way of being and living will result in a new world. Peace, equal rights, free energy, food for all, no more illness, no governments, the life of your dreams, whatever you want to create, because you will be free, are realities in an ocean of quantum possibilities waiting to be manifested.

The message is clear: life is a creative process not a mechanical one. “Be the change you want to see in the world” said Ghandi and he was right. By changing ourselves we change reality. We affect the collective because we are co-creating it: we can inspire others and others will change inspiring even more people to change. We are all powerful beyond measure. Each being is living in it’s own reality, it’s own dimension, but we also share a collective reality like a shared dream. If a single person changes it’s perception and if more and more people start to be in a different dimension, one of unity, then even our collective reality will change. Remember your internal vibration becomes your external perception. You are powerful because you are the only creator and responsible of what is and is not happening in your life. You are projecting outward, into the universe, light, which is energy, constantly and in the form of thoughts, emotions, actions; with them you are creating (attracting) everything and at the same time you are affecting the collective consciousness. So stop to blame others, stop to act like a victim and take charge of your behaviors and of your life.

This is just a reminder not a threat; go with the flow, surf the wave and have fun seeing your life becoming a masterpiece or resist the change (that will take place whether we like it or not) and suffer by remaining in the past that you created. When I say save yourself I am not speaking in religious terms, I am not saying that you will burn in hell if you will not do something like going in a church. I am saying that you and only you have the power to use this energies, this gift from the universe, so that you can realign with your real nature. The closest thing to hell is avoiding to live how we truly want due to any fear we may have. Hell is living in denial. Believe me I did it because I was afraid of being ridiculed; we all have to learn to stand up for what we know to be true or we will never be free.

If you start with our quantum and spiritual nature you will understand how powerful we are, how we affect reality and how it’s rules are very different from what we have been thought. Remember: life is not “happening” to you, you are making it happen.

Michele Cornacchia.

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