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Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael
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Details of the S.A.G.E. Meditation (S.A.G.E. Synchronized Alchemic Global Expansion)

S.A.G.E. Synchronized Alchemic Global Expansion
As you know we are deep into this transitional, transformational times as each day we receive new light data and activations. We are being pushed to become the highest version of ourselves. In the …


Synchronized Alchemic Global Expansion​


nAs you know we are deep into this transitional, transformational times as each day we receive new light data and activations. We are being pushed to become the highest version of ourselves. In the early stage of my awakening, I was waiting for a savior, someone that could bring me out of where I was. I was waiting for something to happen. It took me a while to understand I am the creator of my experience, so if I don’t take action, if I don’t move around to create my experience, nothing will ever “happen”. Indeed I make things happen. Same for you. We are the agents of change here on Earth. With our energy, with our capacity to bring into this realm frequencies that come from higher dimensions, we are changing the matrix system.

We are all focal points on the Earth Crystalline Energy Grid. Each one of us is a portal, literally, for other dimensions, and through us this dark system is being upgraded and informed after thousands of years. What this project proposes to do, is to synchronize people around the world in meditation, in order to start an alchemic process of expansion. If we integrate more and more of who we are and if we bring our unique personal energy and Self into the world we can change things easier and faster.

Synchronized because it happens at the same time in different areas of the planet.
Alchemic because allows the participants to integrate easily the energies of their God- Self enhancing their personal and collective transformation.
Global because… we are on planet Earth, all over the place!
Expansion because we are expanding our consciousness integrating our Higher identity, expanding ourselves to the next level.

This project at proposes a global synchronized meditation each Sun-day at 11:11 AM UTC and at 9:11UTC PM. The best result is obtained when we are synchronize but you can connect at any time during the day and you will receive and share regardless since energy has no time and space. Use this time converter to understand the exact hour in your time zone. When you are ready follow this instructions.

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Follow your breath for a few moments and completely relax your body. Now set the clear intention to connect with your Higher Self. The intention is everything, and as long as you don’t resist the process a firm channel can be established. You can visualize a big bright diamond white sphere of light above your head. See it becoming bigger and bigger and then see a ray of light entering your crown chakra. The white diamond light now fills one by one all of your chakras and then all of your bodies. With intention and through visualization see your emotional, mental and physical bodies being filled with light one by one as well as for your chakras.

Now that your personal connection is completed, set the intention to connect with the Crystalline Diamond Light Grid. This grid is used to share energy, telepathic information, connections and to connect with the collective energies. Visualize planet Earth as peaceful as possible. Watch as thousands and thousands of little white dots of light begin to appear. See how this dots (us) are connected through and intricate energetic web, the Light Grid. See how all the dots are interconnected, entangled, as streams of white light begin to travel around the globe in all directions, connecting all the focal points around the planet. The streams of light are now growing larger and larger, and are increasing in number. As you are in this process, set the intention to share your personal vibration with the rest of us THROUGH the Grid. Share YOU, your Highest Self, share the connection you had a few minutes before and let that energy reach the other participants. Stay in this state and continue to visualize the streams of light for as long as you wish.

Now see how all this light is repairing the damaged parts of the grid. See how single branches that were not connected before are repaired, see how the grid becomes more and more complex. Watch it grow and glow even on the areas where you didn’t see it before. Now you can clearly see the planet completely surrounded by a stable, strong, pulsating Crystalline Light Grid. You are one of the focal points of the Grid and now you can see yourself as a vortex of white light. Anchor the vortex, YOU, to planet Earth, establishing a firm connection to her core. See how your energy travels deeper and deeper, until it reaches the diamond core of our mother Gaia, which now is a pure sphere of diamond white light. We are healed, free, sovereign, and connected to our Highest Self. Be grateful, send a “thank you, I love you” to the other souls and be at peace.

The meditation has a duration of 30 minutes, but you can be in this state for as long as you wish.

The ancients knew energies much better than modern society. Indeed important places like Giza, Stonehenge, Notre Dam the Paris and many many others are build on the focal points of the energy grid.

Erdenherz-Chakra Meditation für Hochsensible von Sonja Ariel von Staden
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Wie jeden Monat habe ich auch diesmal aus der Energie-Ebene der Engel eine Botschaft für die kommenden Wochen erhalten. Diese Botschaft und ihre Weisheit könnt Ihr jedoch auch für die gesamte Zeit des großen Wandels auf Erden nutzen. Mit Unterstützung der Engel könnt Ihr Eure Kraft vervielfachen, Euer Bewusstsein Schritt für Schritt erweitern und viel entspannter und gelassener durch die Zeit der Veränderung gehen. Die Liebe der Engel begleitet Euch jeden Tag. Genießt sie!

Wenn Ihr die Botschaft noch einmal in Ruhe lesen möchtet, findet Ihr sie hier:…

href=””Illuminations Now


Starseed Activation Process

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Our third wave of 2016 will be very significant to our Ascension process. There is much light intel presenting for this particular Gateway, here are the details.
Timeline Shift: Over the last few months the intel has been reminding us about the timeline possibility available in September. The strongest wave of Light in decades is about to enter our realm, and it brings pre-agreements set in place, by us, to make a choice between acceleration or a steady unfoldment.
These collective timeline splits have occurred several times throughout the Shift. Typically these decisions are in the hands of Gatekeepers and the Galactics; we review how the collective is doing, what they can handle, and adjust accordingly. Now that there are so many awakened, so many engaging with Ascension practices and heart-based patterns, the acceleration can be more dramatic. However, it must be a conscious choice of the High-vibe Tribe to accelerate the Ascension timelines. We need to choose before the wave enters in September, because the light will be encoded properly for the experience we choose.
As a Gatekeeper and Liaison for this intel, I ask everyone to choose their experiences wisely, because the next wave also presents a timeline split – a division of experiences of Ascension. We always have unique-to-you experiences in this realm, because you are Creator-In-Carnate, however a division is presenting and we have the chance to shift everyone to a more expanded, heightened experience of Divine Love as the Ascension unfolds upon Gaia.
Timeline possibilities are numerous, however on occasion we have trigger points in the Shift where higher vibrational timelines present for the collective choice. Each has numerous possibilities for how they play out, however the main experiences are described below.
There are two main timeline possibilities presenting for the September Gateways:
1. An accelerated Christed Ascension timeline which will speed up the process and prepare a greater number of souls for the 2017 dimensional shift. This involves accelerated clearing, full disclosure and heightened embodiment experiences for those participating in Ascension.
2. An Ascension timeline (they are all Ascension timelines at this point) which steadily allows for collective unfoldments (slower rate, less Divine intervention). This may be frustrating for many awakened however a good learning tool for patience and collective action.
Gateways, like timelines, have always been about possibilities; opportunities of us to accelerate/level up or keep the steady pace of the Shift. Conscious actions of many awakened Lightworkers have continually leveled up the collective by proxy, raising the bar through Gatework, Gridwork, and the constant Global and personal activity of heart-based Ascension practices. The first two waves of 2016 knocked many Lightworkers off balance, and many are absorbed in their own experience of the physical. If your intention is Unity Consciousness, it is time to reunite with HUmans however you can and spread the Lovelight you have Mastered. Do this in alignment with the New Light; repeating old light habits or creations will feel like madness.
How to choose the higher accelerated timeline for all:
– Align all of you words, deeds, actions, thoughts with Love. Learn this Now and practice it each moment.
– Revisit your Ascension practices and keep the Soul-Spirit-Form trinity fully engaged with its Christed embodiment.
– Avoid emotional entanglement with the lower timeline activities (media, politics, financial issues, emotional triggers, etc.) Care, but don’t carry.
– Galactic Council members: Bring this up in your meetings, renegotiate your contracts to align with the acceleration, assemble your Teams and ask for their full support of the accelerated timeline. (Take note of who resists – that can be telling.)
– Get out on Gaia and co-create with her and your fellow Humans. Call forth the unfoldment of the accelerated timeline. This is a Gatekeeper practice for when timeline splits present; call forth the higher reality to reveal itself to all. It already exists as a possibility, now we light-ground it into this reality with our creations.
– Use your crystals, meditate, dance, sing, tone, create, open your Christed portals, open your DNA, clear the land and grids, light this planet and the HUman heart grid up daily. If called to travel, or work on a specific area before the wave, heed that call.
– Reflect the higher experience; what does it feel like, what do you do on the accelerated journey? Take a look and align your activities, emotions and thoughts with that reality.
– Speak your Truth and be kind to all. It is a highly charged passage as this wave enters. Stand in your Mastery as the sovereign, humble, blessed being you are. Keep centered and clear of the lower entanglements; no judgment, no doubt, no fear.
There is a great amount of heart activation available. Excitement is in the air. The higher realms bless us, however the collective timeline choice must be made by those with aspects in form.
Triple Eclipse Portals: Triple eclipse portals of August 18 (lunar), September 1 at 2:01am PDT (Solar), and September 16 at 11:54am PDT (lunar) assist in bringing in these collective consciousness-shifting energies. Treat them as Gateway influxes; open your portals, open yourself to receive. Gaia consciously monitors and responds to your thoughts, creations and emotions. Show her what we desire, ask her (verbally – use your voice) to release the codes and frequencies to level up the Tribe and provide the accelerated experience.
September 9th – 11th; Initial Wave Entry: The Third wave begins to trickle in September 9th – 11th. Most of you can feel it building already, it is already affecting the SUN with its powerful frequencies. Solar plasma will be greatly affected, which affects Gaia’s magnetics, activating (very) ancient codes for the dimensional shift. This is a big push for the accelerated timeline of Ascension. It does not happen without our command, our intention, and our ability to take (immediate) action on creating the Shift.
September 22 Equinox: The Equinox lands on September 22 at 7:21amPDT. This is the Gateway opening for the new level of consciousness. Honor it properly, be outside on Gaia as much as possible. The SUN and Gaia will have a strong bond during this Gateway, and our intentions for balance, peace, harmony and Ascension will be greatly amplified.
September 26 -29: Our Third Wave of 2016. This is our strongest influx in decades. Be excited, let’s do it right! These photonic frequencies further accelerate the activity of Ascension and will continue to flow in for several weeks. You may have noticed the Light does not step down in between waves any longer. This is a good thing; we are able to maintain higher levels of light without integration periods as in the past. Each wave this year has raised the light level dramatically, and accelerated the Ascension. The purging, revelatory activity continues to build to compliment Source’s command for order, harmony and Ascension.
By the time this wave hits, we will have collectively chosen the acceleration opportunity. I feel we are capable of experiencing an acceleration without too much duress, or at least we are prepared to assist the collective properly. A heart-based expression, embodying the Christed state of peace, has tremendous power as this unfolds. Many are experiencing the neutralizing effect of the crystalline level of Divine Love. I AM confident the Light Tribe will flow through this passage with ease and grace.
In Love, Light and Service,

Credits to Sandra Walter.
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