Time to Heal from the Heart by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Time to Heal from the Heart
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Greetings, Sweet One!

One thing I know for sure: Life is challenging.

Sometimes it feels as if the challenges will never stop, or that we’ll never stop feeling stuck, blocked, or at a loss as to how to change things.

But amazing helps are available, and I wanted to let you know about a wonderful series of discussions, meditations, healings, and activations that starts this month, led by my good friend Elena Mannes.

Please join us for the online telesummit event:

“Connecting To Light: Healing from the Heart”
Wednesday, September 14

The Collective have been on Connecting To Light before, and they’ll again be answering questions and speaking on Abundance, as well as on finding your life purpose, hearing your support team’s wisdom, and seeing yourself as an active co-Creator with this Universe.

This free telesummit will be full of amazing insights and higher energies from Lightworkers — Christel Hughes, Aurora Juliana Ariel, Valerie Pearson, and Kenji Kumara — and other wonderful teachers and healers, offering real-life tools and methods for areas such as:

Releasing the burdens of the past and reaching your goals
Connecting with your authentic self
Clearing your energy field
Attracting more money and other forms of abundance—and getting out of debt
Chakra clearing and energy activations

The Collective will be on Connecting To Light Wednesday, September 28 at 11:00 AM Pacific/ 2:00 pm Eastern).

Sign up here for the CTL series, and access beautiful gifts of higher energy and wisdom from these amazing energy workers.

Blessings of Love and Light,

* * *

I sometimes offer a shortened version of the Empowered Abundance Prayer, which is part of what we’ll be discussing on the 28th. Here it is — meant to be spoken aloud every morning:

Divine Creator God/Goddess, Angels and Archangels,
My Divine Self, the Guides of Light and Manifestation,
the Ascended Masters, and the powers of
Divine Love, Freedom, and Abundance:

I AM now declaring and affirming the outer manifestation of my Divine Inheritance of Peace, Joy, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Joyful Abundance.

I AM now receiving all I require to fulfill my life path, my Ascension, and my expression of Divine Will.

I AM accepting now the Divine Truth and daily reality of my complete Abundance and True Wealth, on all levels of life.

I AM giving thanks daily for an Abundant supply of money and other joyful forms of Abundance, including a reliable, permanent, steady income of the amount that I now state: ___________ a month [speak the desired amount] in ways that support and empower my life purpose.

This or something better!

I AM giving thanks daily for ALL Debt Dissolved Now, in Divinely Perfect Ways! There IS no debt. I AM Free!

I AM claiming now the beauty and power of my complete understanding of how truly wealthy, blessed, healthy, and powerful I AM.

I AM open to giving and receiving.

I AM open to healing all aspects of my consciousness on all levels.

I AM hereby dissolving for all time, all blocks and obstacles between me and my Divine Inheritance of Complete Abundance.

I Command and Draw Forth!

I Command and Draw Forth!

I Command and Draw Forth My True Wealth and Complete Abundance in All Areas of My Life!

I AM the Divine Manifester of My New Life. I Give Thanks!

It is done. It is done. It is done!

So Mote It Be. [Or, So Be It.]

* * *


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