BLUE FLAME INVOCATION. 9/13/2016 by Michele Cornacchia.




I AM Calling forth the divine presence of the Blue Ray and the Blue flame to descend and flow through my being completely.

I AM Calling forth the the presence of the mighty Archangel Michael: I surrender to the purifying blue fire all the attachments and illusions that are no longer in alignment with divine love and wisdom. They are now dissolved.

I AM Calling forth your sword of light: cut all the energy cords that are draining my precious energy. I surrender fully all that I AM and all that I have for my highest good.

I AM asking to the angels of the blue ray and to Archangel Michael to stand beside me in my daily life and along my spiritual ascension: you are my faithful protectors, my shield against any darkness.

I AM receiving the full power of the blue flame. Power, protection, strength are my allies now and always.

I AM dissolving into light any fear that is keeping me from experiencing love.

I AM cleansed.

I AM purified.

I AM safe.

I AM the blue fire.

And so it is.

Michele Cornacchia.

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