Adam / Lilith Kadmon Race – Shekinah The Mother’s Love – Part 1

Elemental Grace Alliance

04 – Adam/Lilith Kadmon Race – Part 1 – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Mother Shekinah – 9th, September, 2016


“Beloved Members of the Elemental Grace Alliance Council, it has been brought to my attention, the potentials of confusion, uncertainty and mystification of that which has been shared over the years regarding Twin Flames or Twin Rays. Especially now with the Coming into play, the physical relationships between The Adam Kadmon Man and the, shall I say, the Lilith Kadmon Woman, if I may take the liberty to introduce and bring another Balanced Awareness to the Feminine Attributes to this Divine Equation? So can this be Addressed now for Greater Clarity please?

“Dearly Beloveds, I Am Shekinah, The Mother’s Love of the Elohim Creators through the Great Central Sun!  I Am all aspects of the Mother’s Purity and when I speak, or when I come…

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