Earth’s Clarion Call for Light 9:9:9

Posted by angelstoyou, 09/10/2016

By Sophie Bashford

Now is the time for the old rulebooks to be torn apart, in order for the new templates to burst forward.

There will be a surging forward of new light-carriers from this date onwards. Many who are sleeping will awaken. This, of course, represents huge life changes for those who remember their divine origins and begin to seek new pastures that nourish their true beings.

All of you are receiving new streams of data today, related to your deepest, truest and most clear energetic templates for bringing spiritual change to this beleaguered planet called Earth.

She is out of balance and desperately asking for help and assistance.

In many ways, you can liken this to the ’emergency call’ and the number 999 that is used to dial the emergency services when urgent assistance is needed.

Earth is in a state of emergency, because She is out of balance with the Yin and the Yang frequencies.

Earth desperately needs the Wise Ones, the Seers and the Ancient Light-Givers to step forward and bring their intuitive gifts and creative solutions to the problems and issues at hand.

There must be an urgent re-balancing of over-reliance on the un-evolved masculine consciousness, preferring logic, hard rationality and control over the more subtle intuitive wanderings and mystic wisdom of the heart and spirit. This is a high consciousness based upon total balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. It is a consciousness in which the feminine spirit is treated with devotion and reverence, respect and credence.

The Shiva and Shakti are being brought into balance on a universal scale: but this is only possible through the active light work of many incarnated human beings walking the earth at this time.

You are the pioneers of a new dawn.

Believe it, trust it, and know that all the changes that flood in around this auspicious date of 9.9.9 will be for the highest deliverance of your holy and vital missions to earth.

This date is of magnificent importance because it represents a closing of the old chapters of your lives.

New lifestreams will flood into your being and show you the next steps along the exalted pathway of light-service.

You will let go of everything that no longer vibrates with Gaia’s plan for you.

The old is done with, it is long gone, it is dust. There could be a huge purging in your life occurring as you witness everything being brought down to the ground, in order to re-start your life on a new plateau of fresh energy.

Pay great attention to what occurs on this date both inside and outside: there is so much newness just around the corner.

Sweeping changes are being brought in with this numerological alignment, and your Lightworker Function will lead all of them.

The planets all concur and support this pivotal time of completion and now push you forward on your new ventures, your new relationships, your new connections all over the globe.

The Light will flood through you today, touching each and every chakra in your system. You will link in with Great Sacred Structures and Gridworks in the multi-dimensional realities and these will amplify your connection to Gaia, to Higher Sources of Wisdom, and to the many Sacred Guides and Guardians of your Blessed Path.

Meditate, and let the light consume your fears and doubts about stepping forward in power and confidence.

9.9.9 is the Earth’s clarion call to all Light-Bringers who have a sacred duty to serve Her, in their awakened and conscious states of awareness.

9.9.9 is the trumpet-call for all those who are still sleeping to wake up – NOW.

9.9.9 is the siren blasting through each and every lightworker who must deliver all their accrued body and intuitive wisdom, higher knowledge, energetic codes, healing powers and calm, grounded presence to every being and place that they are guided to.


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