Heavenletter #5770 Hear Me , September 11, 2016

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Heavenletter #5770 Hear Me , September 11, 2016

God said:

What is anger? It is a rebuffing part of you that gets on fire. Anger bears the flames within your own self that are for you to put out. No one causes you to be angry. Say this three times: No one causes you to be angry. No one causes you to be angry. No one causes you to be angry. Anger is an inside job.

The whole story of your life is an inside job. Blame no one. To hold yourself responsible does not mean to blame yourself. It means to find your way out of the mire you have put yourself in. Lower the flame.

You are attached to your self-image of righteousness. You don’t have to be angry.

How do you get past anger? How do you surpass it? You don’t want to swallow it, for you might choke on it. You don’t want to pretend your anger away, yet you utterly don’t want to keep the anger. You don’t even really want to manage your anger. You don’t want to have it burst out of you, nor do you want it smolder within.

The more you pound your anger, the stronger your anger becomes. It would seem that anger knows no bounds.

I do not know of a quick-fix to anger. You can’t go to a plastic surgeon to have anger removed. You can’t pretend it away. You can’t chop it up and throw it away. At the same time, it feels urgent to get rid of it. Anger is eating you up to say nothing of what it may do to the recipient of your anger.

You don’t want to mask your anger. You also don’t want to be lily-livered, nor do you want to light up your anger as if it were a cigarette. It is not all right to take your anger out on others. It is not all right to take it out on yourself and send anger into your internal organs.

What is a body to do? When your are in the grips of anger, your anger is overwhelming. You have not been able to confine your anger, nor have you been able to escape it.

You have seen other people take a deep breath and subdue their anger for the good of all, yet your anger flares, and you are not happy, and the ones who bear the brunt of your anger are not happy.

Something has to be done to end your anger, displayed or not, and you simply don’t know what.

The very cause of your anger, no matter what the apparent cause, is your sense of helplessness. I am not referring to your helplessness in preventing anger, but the helplessness that seems to hold you hostage in life. If you did not feel so helpless in life, you would not have to be angry. You would not have to store your anger, nor would you have to vent it. There would be no cause for it.

A sense of powerlessness holds you in its thrall. You lack the muscles to fend for yourself.

Thus blame arises. Blame is not a fair game. It is not fair to anyone. When you feel like a victim of life, you blame what is at hand, and you throw yourself into a pit that it is hard to climb out of. You find yourself on a dead-end street. Anger holds you in its hands. Anger is hardly a stop-gap.

Instead of trying to regulate anger, it is necessary for you to un-victim yourself. Anger, whatever its immediate cause, projects your sense of powerlessness. We have to find a way to retrieve your own sense of worth.

This does not mean that you have to exert external control over everything in life, yet it is to know that you do have the power to go higher in life. Dear Ones, no matter what it looks like to you, you can let go of powerlessness. When you do, anger will not hold you in its thrall.

Find even those small areas in life where you make your choices. Anger is retaliation for not making choices. What is a sense of powerlessness but a perceived inability to make choices of your own?

Now it is for you to eliminate the deeper cause for anger. You are gaining insights. Rise higher in your estimation.

No longer is it necessary for anger to give your rights away to others. Hear Me.
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