Empower your Prosperity September 10, 2016 by Tiara Kumara

Empower your Prosperity

September 10, 2016 by Tiara Kumara



with Christof Melchizedek, Tiara Kumara
& Akasha Sananda (bios)

Next Session ~ Thursday, September 15


EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to give you a big vibrational boost as a result of spiritual activation, clearing and energy recalibration.

These monthly sessions are great to rebalance and harmonize your overall spiritual alignment. The facilitators have also identified special focuses each month to assist the potency of each Empowerment session.

This session will help empower your perceptions into prosperity consciousness. The facilitators will work on clearing the imprints of lack, doubt and low self worth programs, release genetic coherence, and recalibrate the perceptual energy fields within the mental body. The main focus is upon clearing the way for a new thought structure to integrate and one that opens the way for abundance to flow into all areas of your life.
The Prosperity Empowerment Explained

The empowerment of prosperity means to stimulate and increase the abundance factor in your life. This is not only in the area of finances but also prosperity on all levels of your awareness including health, relationships, work and overall life flow.

When we come into greater levels of alignment with our soul purpose, we begin to attract the people and opportunities that are linked to that meaningful path. The more we are aligned to our life path, the easier and less complicated life becomes. We move into a flow of ‘ease and grace’ and the manifesting doors seem to constantly open up in front of us.

A major challenge to this relates to our conditioning and other various energetic distortions such as contracts and vows, past life identities and even genetic factors. These contribute to faulty and limiting perceptions that prevent us from experiencing new and more preferred realities.

Any type of prosperity anguish is usually a dilemma of the distorted belief system, which causes us to lose sight of who and what is really running the show. To lack anything in life is to be, first and foremost, without the knowledge of divine principle. There is still identification to the personality self and the human program. This causes blindness to the wellspring of abundance that exists for every one of us, at all times.

It is in Divine Principle, along with the understanding of how energy truly flows, that awakens the vibration of abundance within us, and then, the resultant building magnetism of prosperity and success. Spiritual alignment is one of the main keys to changing the circumstances of any lack in our lives into one of a boundless reality.
The Facilitation

In this upcoming session, we are with strong intention to help shift your perceptual relationship to prosperity and money so that you can become more aligned to your soul purpose and the highest expression of your life plan.

Our focus is upon the removal of any imprinted programs that we come across while merged with your energetic field. These imprinted programs can be regarded as a series of programmed scripts that are held within your energetic field and even within the neurological grid. These are the more dense energetic frequencies, such as low self worth, lack and victim consciousness, self-doubt and childhood conditioning, that have made a scripted imprint in your perceptual awareness and energetic bio field.

We will specifically focus with your lower chakras as well as the astral, mental and emotional body layers of your aura. This transmission involves major housecleaning and clearing of self-sabotaging programs. Our vision is upon the creation of more space so that new pathways in the mind can emerge and those that are reoriented to a new thought structure.

This new programming is all about the knowing that… you are always taken care of and provided for. Your higher mind intelligence governs all manifestation in your human life, perfectly. It is the power producing it and the force sustaining it. Yet, the release of the tenacious free will of the ‘human mind’ is required to allow that higher mind intelligence to come in and elevate you into a prosperous expression.

This empowerment session will also assist in elastizing any hold upon the personality so that new pathways for prosperity consciousness can once again be re-established.

We hope that you are inspired and feel a deep inner call to this work.


With love,

Tiara, Christof and Akasha