Archangel Michael on Hillary Clinton and Clones

Archangel Michael on Hillary Clinton and Clones

September 10, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Michael 2211There’s a certain line of alternative political commentary that believes the Hillary Clinton we see campaigning is a clone.

I confess I believed Hillary some years ago used clones, but I don’t know what may be happening now.

Nonetheless, to confirm or deny the rumors, I asked Archangel Michael in a recent reading to clarify. His answer: The present Hillary Clinton is not a clone. He had much more to say as well.

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on Sept. 2, 2016. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Are Bill and Hillary Clinton clones?

Archangel Michael: No. No, fortunately and unfortunately! (Chuckling) (1) They have been worked on as have all the candidates and we are not simply talking about presidential candidates.

Those who are in existing positions during this time of transition are being worked on enormously.

Now they are being penetrated as you well know by the Mother’s tsunami [of love] but they are also being given additional downloads and activations. Now we cannot say to you at this point in time that this has been successful.

The clinging to the old paradigms is very strong, which is peculiar from our perspective. It is peculiar because of the potential, the true joyous potential of what lies ahead.

Given free will and choices and decision points, it is astounding to us when people, politicians or individuals choose to cling to what is no longer achievable. So this desire to continue to attach to that which is no longer even in form and which becomes increasingly difficult in fact to be with is strange.

So, are these ones clones? No. What they are – and I speak of many of these involved in the political milieu, at the moment – the representations of the human chaos, of the reluctance, of the recalcitrance, of the disinterest in creating a new world.

Steve: Neither Hillary nor Trump will make it to the election as a candidate, is that correct?

AAM: No, that is not necessarily so. What is necessarily so is that they will not be in positions of power. The new paradigm is in place so, regardless of what they believe they can do or how they can force their will or their desires upon a populace or upon the planet, they do not meet the requirements for new leadership/new stewardship.

So regardless of whether they proceed as candidates or not, they will not be in positions of leadership. Now I know this is confusing to you.

Things are not always, as you well know, as they appear. Now, for example, you have thought, “Oh these people must be clones because how can this possibly be” but they are not clones because this science and technology is not being made available to those that would clone these individuals. (2)


(1) If Hillary were a clone, made by the prevailing human technology, chances are she wouldn’t have made it this far. Humans have been cloning since the days of John Kennedy (that we know of). But the clones we produce sicken after a while and need to be regularly replaced. Moreover, clones don’t give speeches and have only a limited range of comprehension and expression.

(2) I think AAM is talking about cloning technology as it may be known to our star family, which probably has none of the above defects. It may be this technology that is not being made available.
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