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I found a picture on the internet with this critical steps toward ascension, each corresponding to a chakra. For this reason I wanted to discuss them with you more in depth! Let’s start!

Accept your death. This is a necessary step if we want to live life. Death is part of life, so you can’t live with purpose, with meaning until you accept that everything is impermanent. Nothing will stay the same forever. Everything in the universe is in constant movement and change, and how things are today is not how things are going to be tomorrow. Not only we have to accept our physical death, but also the death of the ego. That intricate labyrinth of thoughts that composes our fake identity. One day you will have to let go of all 3D illusions and lies, and accept that you are much more than what you were told. Your old identity dissolves and you, like the caterpillar that emerges from the cocoon are ready to fly as the butterfly you were meant to be since the beginning. We all are energy, multidimensional being. We can not be destroyed, so death is merely the loss of our biological vessel; it is a passage from a state of being to another state of being, or from a dimension, to another. Ask any astral traveler or to the enormous quantity of people that had a NDE (near death experience); people that were clinically dead for minutes, even hours, and that then came back in their physical bodies to tell us what they saw. The moment we accept death as part of our spiritual path, we feel a great relief since we let go of one of, if not the, greatest fear we have. We become immortal. And then we are ready to bring that into our physical realty; the human body was not designed to die or be affected by diseases. This are all consequences of living in a lower dimensional environment. When we step the ladder of ascension to the highest level, we can stay in our vessels for as long as we choose.

Have faith in the support of the invisible. We have been conditioned to believe that is real only what we can touch, smell and most of all see. But this is mere conditioning; think about the simple fact that you can’t see the air but is there and it is keeping you alive. As much as you can’t see your energetic self but is there and it is keeping your body alive. The human eye can detect only a tiny portion of the visible light: we can’t see the infrared or the ultraviolet and yet they are there; they exist. Now, we can learn to see things through our psychic senses and third eye, so much of what was once hidden becomes manifest. Truth is that, at this level, we can’t see everything, know everything, be aware of everything. There are gigantic forces working behind the scenes to ensure the ascension of planet Earth, so faith in the etheric realms is necessary, if we want to move on with the certainty that we are supported by the highest forces of light.

View the ego impersonally. As I said the ego is not our real Self. A good technique is to see that part of yourself impersonally which means that you see it for what it is: a part of you. Not the whole you. Therefore you don’t identify the total sum of your being with the ego: you disidentify from that part of you that thinks to be a separate Self: separate from all the rest, in an hostile universe from which it needs to defend adopting the flight or fight response.

Forgive all betrayals. Along our journey we all have been hurted in a way or another. Living a spiritual life means simply living in alignment with the universe and with the Self: being happy! How can we be happy if we don’t live in the present moment? Creation is now hear and only now here. How can we create something new if we are living in the past? The result of our life will be the past! Our hurts, unforgiveness, pain is linked to a past event, something that is not here anymore. So our pain, that comes from THE NOW, and not from the past event as we may think, is keeping us in the past. We are holding onto negativity, thinking that this can resolve things. This is not even hurting the other person, as many that hold onto uforgiveness think, which is simply living is own life. You see, if you are hating someone you are losing in life, because you are hating yourself. If we want to have an healed life, if we want our dreams to come true we can not hold onto the past! That anger, pain, greif is burning us, consuming us from the inside. Instead we can use compassion: we have to see that who hurted our feelings was suffering. What they did to you was not because of you: there is nothing personal. How someone behaves toward another person is a direct reflection of how that person feels about himself. Of how that person treates itself. They will try to seek someone to be their personal trash can, so that they can be free from all the lower stuff they are going through. Is this right? No way! Don’t let anyone treat you like crap! So, first step is to detach from the situation seeing that that person has an issue with something that is wrong with them or with their life, not with you. Then comes understanding: you don’t judge as good or bad what happened: it happened and you accept it. You don’t even judge the other person because you understand. But YOU DON’T AGREE. So DO NOT JUSTIFY that behavior. Then you forgive, you release your own emotional attachment to that person and situation. You let go all your negativity and step in a space of love: that person is just a wounded, unhealed child. Those wounds are the cause of his/her pain, and the reason why they behave in that way. This doesn’t mean that you want to hang out with that being, that you agree with whatever happened. It means that you make a gift to yourself. That is forgiveness. You deserve it, the other deserves it, but ultimately you do it for yourself because you understand that the way is peace, not feeding that negativity in you and in the other: fire creates more fire. Forgiveness releases you from the burden of what is no more.

Not my will but thine. This means that we have to take responsibility for our path. What we say, think, do, our reactions, are entearly our creation, and are never caused by an external factor. Also we have to see that the same is true for others: nothing is happening “because of you”. The emotional state of another being, is entierly under it’s control. It’s entirely it’s responsibility. It is important to recognize the beauty, and it is not easy, to allow someone to walk their path. You have to respect the free will of others, and allow them to be in the emotional state they choose. Not everyone wants your help, and you can’t like to everyone: that is perfectly fine. It is part of life, also you are not here to live up to other people expectations. Do your job and focus and on the right people for you. Moreover you can’t feel guilty to leave toxic relationships behind: if someone has detrimental behaviors toward you, they didn’t choose you. So you walk away, in peace. Not my will but thine.

Do not believe in loss or gain. This is an hard one. Nothing is yours in life. One day, you are going to leave everything behind. Maybe because you are forced to do it, maybe because you want to change. Maybe because life is calling you to dive into the unknown. Ultimately one day we are going to die, so we are going to leave all the “things” we believe are ours, including our body, which will return to Mother Earth. You don’t own anything: above everything else you don’t own anyone. Souls are not a propriety. Souls are free. And when we condition somehow the path and the free will of another, we are not showing love but our egoistic attachment to that person: we don’t want the other to be free. Learn to let go. To love someone is to set that being free. If you don’t own anything, then you can’t loose or gain something. It is an illusion. The ego asks “what do I gain from this situation?” The heart asks “what is the right thing to do?” Love is unconditional, it is giving. You don’t want anything in return and IF something comes your way in return, then you accept it. But that was not the reason that moved you to give in the first place.

Accept your divinity. This is linked to the first step indeed is the closing of the circle. Once you look within deeply you clearly see that everything is ONE and that you are that one. You are God, Source energy, pure consciousness in a body, experiencing a spiritual awakening. You are eternal. Feel this word for a moment. Eternal. You are simply remembering to be the greatness you always were! It is written that Jesus once said “Ye are all Gods!” And that was his message. We all are Goddesses and Gods remembering of our infinite creative potential. And if it is true that we are all ONE, it is true that I AM me, not you! I AM ONE and NO ONE is like me! We are unique expressions of the same indivisible energy.

Michele Cornacchia.

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