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Sarah Shiddian
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Kryon MARSHMALLOW message



From Kryon Live Channelling, “Five Concepts for the New Human”
February 2016 in Red Deer, Alberta, CAN

You’re going to have to practice relaxing with synchronicity. Listen: The things that many of you are asking for are dependent on other things happening first! Relax!

These other things will be things you seemingly have no control over, but the potentials are there for them to change. If you can wait for it, and not be frustrated or angry, that is the task. Years and years ago, when I first started channelling with my partner, we talked about having the ticket to the train and standing on the track. You have earned and paid for the ticket. The train is coming, but you just don’t know when! So because you are a patient person, you will know the train is coming, be comfortable with it, and have a nice time waiting for it. This is instead of complaining that it’s late. Patience!

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel