Len Satov: The Watcher: Loving, Non-Judgmental Awareness

Len Satov: The Watcher: Loving, Non-Judgmental Awareness

September 4, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Len SatovThe Watcher: Loving, Non-Judgmental Awareness

by Len Satov, http://www.lensatov.com, Aug. 31, 2016

Foundational to all forms of healing and change is our awareness. While this may seem obvious it is often not seen and used for that very reason. Without consciously using our awareness, we won’t notice our attack thoughts and judgments. I call this aspect of our true nature the Watcher.

This part of ourselves, when consciously practiced, expands very quickly becoming our greatest asset and ally in our healing. The Watcher notices what we are feeling, thinking, saying to ourselves and others, and how we interact with others – all lovingly and without judgment. It also acknowledges our progress.

If you’re so inclined, it’s very helpful to ask your guidance to help you monitor your mind for thoughts of attack or judgment.

So for example, say you’ve noticed you have a tendency to feel irritable and have the intention to clear the source of it and let it go. Your Watcher will notice (with practice) that you are feeling irritable and you might say to yourself, “I’m feeling irritable for some reason. I’m really glad I can see that.”

This conscious awareness of feeling irritable brings you fully into the present where you can now choose what, if any, action to take such as doing some form of enquiry, clearing, or forgiveness.

As you practice using The Watcher you’ll be increasingly more present and so less likely to act unconsciously, such as by saying angry words to someone, withdrawing, or some other form of separation behaviour.

The Watcher will always say, “I’m really glad I can see that.” You feel genuinely pleased and grateful to be able to notice thoughts and feelings that you were not so aware of before so that you can clear the source of it. And this awareness allows you to increasingly meet with love, acceptance, and forgiveness whatever aspect of conditioning that shows up.

Of course the ego won’t be happy about this and will likely do whatever it can to either make you forget about The Watcher or to take it over. You can tell the difference because the ego will try to make you wrong for what you are noticing. It‘s definitely not loving and non-judgmental.

Using the same example as above, instead of the Watcher saying, “I’m really glad I can see that,” the ego might say, “There I go again! I’m never going to be able to let this irritability go!”

So, when The Watcher sees that, it will say, “Oh, I see that I just blamed myself when I noticed I felt irritable. I’m really glad I can see that.” Whenever you notice your behaviour, thoughts or feelings lovingly and without judgment, that is the Watcher in action.

It does take willingness, sincerity, motivation and practice for the Watcher to emerge in full power for you and to be able to increasingly spot the ego but it doesn’t take effort. It’s a powerful ally in our healing and a natural part of who we are.

‘The Watcher’ copyright Len Satov 2001-2016 revised



(1) I’d be remiss if I did not mention that Len introduced me to the Ascension scenario. Len offers workshops and counselling along human growth and Ascension lines.