Just wanted to say to all Abundance For All reviewers: Thank You So Much! You Are Too Wonderful for Words!! By Caroline Oceana Ryan

Heart so full of gratitude!
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Greetings, Amazing One –

Just wanted to say to all Abundance For All reviewers:

Thank You So Much!

You Are Too Wonderful for Words!!

I’ve sent out individual Thank Yous to all reviewer names I recognized, but some Amazon handles don’t indicate real names —

So this is a group Thank You to those who have posted reviews!

If you haven’t posted your review yet, no worries — you still can! Gratefully received.

Also, some people have asked for the link to the Collective’s guest spot on Quantum Conversations — that replay can be found here.

For their guest spot on this past Thursday’s Stargate Round Table, just go here — you’ll hear a wonderful news update from Rama & Tara Berkowitz as well!

Much Love & Light — and more gratitude than I can express,

Abundance For All
The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money
and True Wealth

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The Collective’s new Fifth Dimensional Life series begins with Abundance For All.

Practical and empowering, each chapter offers the encouraging energies and insights of the higher realms, tackling issues Lightworkers face every day, including:

Dealing with the Energies of the Current Money System
Changing Your Abundance Blueprint
Releasing the “Struggle and Hard Work” Programming
Manifesting from the Fifth Dimensional Level
Dealing with the Poverty Mindset of Loved Ones
Understanding the Timing of Manifestations
Keeping Money in Perspective, and What True Wealth and Abundance Look Like

Join the Collective on this beautiful journey of higher Light data.

It’s time to create and experience money and true wealth in new ways, as we transform financial life on this planet.

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What people are saying about Abundance For All . . .

“Within 48 hours after I started reading Abundance for All, over $4,000 came in from different sources.* This was after a long dry spell.

I’m loving the book. Thanks so much for your work in the world!”

– Singer/songwriter Jennifer Ruth Russell


“Heartfelt gratitude for this amazing Soul-awakening manual . . .

Tears of joy, remembering Who I Am and why I’m here.”

– Mari, Arizona


“I wanted to say thanks! What a beautiful book!

Last week I received $499 unexpected dollars after doing one of the exercises!* Thanks so much!”

– Olivia, Lightworker, Mexico


“A timely, inspired, visionary, and energizing book to help all Lightworkers rediscover a newly found zest for manifesting their highest and most cherished dreams . . .

When I get a gem like this in my hands, I know I’ve drawn a wonderful blessing into my life. And I am grateful.”

– Leigh, Maryland


“An enlightening read that clearly explains why there is no such thing as ‘lack,’ that abundance is everywhere, and how to attain and create it. Helps you rethink your long-held beliefs.

An easy form of meditation is clearly explained, together with uplifting affirmations.

Leaves the reader with a feeling of contentment and hope for the future.”

– Michael, Connecticut

*Results not typical. Individual life results vary.

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