Heavenletter #5763 A Sense of Lightness, September 4, 2016

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Heavenletter #5763 A Sense of Lightness, September 4, 2016

God said:

I say you worry too much. Be. Before life, there is Being. You are obliged to Be, not to worry.

Now you are looking to free yourself from the past. No longer do you want to play the roles you assumed in the past.

You see now that too many people do not view you as you wish, as you are and, and as I see you, and as you deserve. So what that they are mistaken? Now you can relinquish others’ hold on you. Now you begin to see that you are aligned with Me. It is good that you are beginning to see this.

A Sense of Lightness will come back as you feel less duty-bound to hurts of the past. Freedom spurs energy forward. It is freedom you are lacking. What keeps you back from freeing yourself from the bondage of the past? What prevents anyone?

You might call it inertia, yet it is not so much absence of energy as it is a stranglehold you hold on yourself.

You haven’t freed yourself. You have objections to the past that you hold on to. You still stir an old soup. You were done with it a long time ago, yet the aroma lingers.

There is no one from the past who holds you back except you. You are the one. Others might like to keep you where they once put you as a habit, you understand. Some declare a status, and they hold onto it.

How is it that you can be carrying My light and yet blind yourself to your own God-given Self-Worth? You are so fearful of ego that you would ignore your worth. Okay, forget about your worth. Remember Mine.

You are afraid that pride comes before a fall, and you are loath to fall.

Pride does not come before Me. So, why worry about that? Of course, you haven’t quite nodded to your main worry which is that you would fail in Greatness. You may be like an Idealist who drags your sword. You have been a defeated Idealist. No longer, dear ones. You are becoming a Light-Hearted-Jumping-Over-Obstacles-Idealist now.

You don’t even have to believe in yourself. What does believing in yourself mean anyway? Believe in Me. I carry the day. I have no burdens for you to carry. I never held a burden in My whole life. Nor must you carry that which I do not contain.

We come back to your just Being. Forget about carrying anything but joy. Carry My joy. Hand joy over to yourself. This is the charge I give to you. Hold My Heart within yours. This is all you are pledged to do. Is this so hard? What is this weight you carry? It certainly is not Mine. Therefore, it is not yours. No longer do you trudge. Now fly with Me.

Weight does not exist. It was never yours to hold. Only the illusion of weight keeps you back. Absent of weight is all that flying means. You don’t have to carry anything in the first place. Together, We fly.

You have often been on the verge of flight. The verge is no longer good enough for you. Not good enough for you, not for anyone.

My messages weigh nothing. Everyone of you receives something of them, one way or another. No one is separate. No one is separate from Me regardless of whatever his or her mind says. You are not apart from Me.

Today you set yourself free. You are flying with Me. Everyone is. You might as well know it now. Your independence from the past has been declared. You are not your old personal self. You are a new free soul unhammered and unhampered by the past. Drop the past. That’s all you have to do now. Just leave it. It doesn’t belong to you. It never did. The past, as you saw it, never was.

All the past is now getting out of your system. Nothing can hold you back now. The past was a deadweight. Being is weightless. Now you recognize that you are Being.
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