Geomagnetic Storm in Progress For 3 Days~ DNA Activations Coming IN To Those Open To Receiving.

Geomagnetic Storm in Progress For 3 Days~ DNA Activations Coming IN To Those Open To Receiving.

By Diane Canfield

Intense Geomagnetic Storms have been in progress the past 3 days while we are also receiving the Eclipse energies. These are causing many Ascension symptoms such as:

Extreme fatigue
Head Pain
Neck Pain
Loud Ear ringing
Body aches
Extreme Vertigo/Room Spinning

Along with these symptoms comes DNA activations such as:

Moving in to a higher dimension of conscious awareness
Understanding the past and why it happened
Being able to see the big picture of everything
Moving forward in making plans of happiness for the future
Feeling connected- We are all One


As these new insights come in I suggest you take a notepad and write them down. They some times come in so fast it is hard to keep up. When this surge is over, you will need these new insights to act on them and understand what is happening in the bigger picture.

These are very much like psychic insights and visions. Ones who don’t normally experience these will now have a chance to have this experience if they are open to receiving and paying attention to what is being shown to them through the Universe and Creator.

Lots of paranormal activity also occurring. I was showing my husband a type of cat.. a BENGAL on the computer and a second later I saw a huge cat in spirit walking across my bed.

Be on the look out for things appearing from other dimensions. As I have said in all my posts, do not go into fear mode or try to grab a camera. Be totally in the EXPERIENCE, in the MOMENT of NOW so the spirit sees you respect their presence and appreciate them showing up to you.

The days are over of taking pictures and having to prove to anyone that things are seen from other levels of realities. This is the old paradigm we are rapidly leaving.

Lots of earth changes happening and this is many times connected to space weather and Geo storms. These earth changes serve to awaken more people to the ever changing reality we are RAPIDLY moving in to They are also indications of time line shifts that can occur during geo storms.

Time slips can also occur during these times. Time seems more fluid now, many may experience times where time itself seems to STOP. I have had this the last few days.

As I said in my last article, ground, drink plenty of water, eat more calcium and magnesium rich foods for sleeping, expect the unexpected and look for JOY in everything and Everyone.

I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
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