Thank You for Arising | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

How lovely is a day with God. How lovely is a day simply wanting to be with God. How lovely is a day full with God and Service to God and Service to the Universe. How lovely is a day when I, God, am your Prime Mover, a day when you do not even think of yourself, a day when you are One with the Creativity of Life and the Beauty of Being One with God and One with Everything.

This is a day when the Whole Universe is knowingly contained within you. You are the Universe. Nothing is outside of you. No longer do you appear to be a small dot on the horizon. Now, you are the horizon and beyond the horizon. You are not contained within the Universe and all the Galaxies. You are not a portion. You are Infinity Entire. All of Infinity is…

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