To eat well is fundamental for your body and spirituality. What does it mean to eat well? It means that you respect your temple enough to see how important it is for your existence on this plane. It means, also, respecting mother Earth, using non GMO and, possibly, organic food. Diet is directly linked to mental clarity and your levels of energy. Always choose food that nurtures your body, that gives this wondrous machine what it needs to sustain us. Moreover, the higher the energetic content of the food we ingest, the higher your vibration will go: we are what we eat. For this reason foods like vegetables and fruit, that are grown only with water and sunlight, are the best. If you want to stay light, eat light! This aids to reach easier deeper meditative states.

I don’t eat meat/processed food since 2 years now and no animal byproducts by more than 1 year. I am vegan. I have more clarity, the energy flows better in my body, and my health is at the highest level I have ever experienced. All this in addiction to physical exercise. So, how do you switch to an healthier diet? It must not be an abrupt change. Begin slowly.

First step: avoid ALL processed food. It is filled with chemicals that have nothing to do with the word “food”. This are all substances that decrease your energy levels and increase the risk of disease. They are mucus forming: when our body has an access of mucus, it begins to function under the optimal level, and it is very dangerous. Not to mention the fact that a lot of this so called food contains fluoride, along with the majority of toothpaste, that calcifies the pineal gland, which is the thing you want to avoid. So this must be the first, necessary step. Try to use hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds as substitute for your snacks. For the main meals try to cook! Yes you can! And it is even funny.

Second step: eat less meat. This depends on where you are on your journey, since we all have different levels of sensitivity to energy. After a period of decreasing the amount of meat of my meals, I arrived to a point where my body was rejecting it literally, it was unbearable: the taste the smell, knowing that that was an animal… oh my gosh I said, I need to change this quick! The higher your vibe, the lighter your body is and the lighter your body is the grater the gap with low, heavy energies(foods) like meat. So if this is true for you as well, change quickly! Otherwise, as I did, start by eating less and less red meat for a period of time. Then eliminate it compleately and eat, for a few moths, white meat. The important thing is your willingness and determination to achieve your goal which is eliminating this food from your diet. Proceed with small steps everyday and begin also to try different foods to integrate your protein: seitan, tofu, quinoa, legumes, seeds to name a few.

Third step: eliminate meat completely. Take a 1 week vegetarian challenge! For a week, eat the food you chose to integrate the proteins your body needs nd replace with it meat. Take the challenge with a childlike spirit. Have fun experimenting new foods and way of living. Then, if you are satisfied with the result, and, even more, if you really want to change what you eat, extend the challenge for 2 weeks. At the end of the first month, it will be natural for you.

Other tips: avoid acidic substances. Things like tobacco, caffeine, alcohol are really acidic. It is well known that a body with an acid Ph develops all kinds of diseases. In essence if we use alkaline foods we prevent aging, diseases and boost our immune system. What are the foods that are alkaline in nature? Fruits and vegetables! Meat as well as wheat are really acidic and jet they are the basis of the western society diets.

Also try to avoid, if not to eliminate totally, gluten for the reasons mentioned above. Moreover there are studies that proved the bad impact gluten has on our bacteria flora. Our intestines are inhabited by friendly bacteria that help us regulate many functions of our body. Gluten damages our little friends, and also is the cause of gastrointestinal symptoms and inflammations. Do your research. Use corn flour/pasta, buckwheat flour and other gluten free cereals like rice.

Once you eliminate meat and processed food from your life you are ready, if that is your intent, to go vegan! Eliminate animal byproducts is the last step and, trust me, if you are willingly to go through an unstable period needed to adjust yourself to your new needs, you will experience sustained levels of health/energy. Eat fruit, fruit juce, jam, raw cacao, corn cakes. The only “unhealthy” thing that I eat is organic peanut butter… I love it!

It is important to mention that the vitamin B12, which is very important for your body, since, among other things helps to assimilate proteins, is found mainly in what you want to avoid to eat. Consider to take a B12 supplement; the most natural ones are spirulina /chlorella. They can be found in powder or pill format.

I can’t stress this enough: diet is the first essential step to love your body. It is also helps a lot those of us that are on an accelerated ascension path because, once again, it helps you to increase your vibration. Everything is energy, so food is no exception.

Remember: when animals are butchered their emotional energy stays in their body. Animals are aware, intelligent beings; they have emotions. They understand when they are going to die and all the fear, stress, anxiety stays in the meat. Energy (emotions-energy in motion) can not be destroyed only transferred/transformed. All that crap enters your body and you are filled with, not only an unhealthy food, at the most coarse level but even worst is really bad for your energetic health at a more subtle, fundamental level. This affects how you view the world and your mood. Personally I do not see any difference between a caw, a pig, a cat or a dog. Why most people, if we exclude some parts of the world, have no problems eating a cow but they would never their dog? That’s a nonsense! Animals are our brothers and sisters and have the same right you have to live. Eating flesh, to me, sounds really creepy and dark. I prefer light but respect all opinions. And you?

Michele Cornacchia.

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