Interview with ALKESH About Comet Ison and THE EVENT!

-This is the second, in depth interview with ALKESH- MAKE VIRAL! STUNNING INFO; NEVER HEARD…


Dear Hatonn,

I am writing just out of the blue because I just found this vieo of Maarten Horst and I know that you are the commander of Ison my deat Soltec or Hatonn- We hAVE NOT HEARD FROM EACH OTHER FOR A LONG TIME. You know certainly that I speak to you with my heart very often and I find it  quite hard to channel with you as I am so near you. I just talk to you in each running day from my heart and that suffice. I am waiting for the disclosure when you will come down to us with all the others. I really do long for that special moment. Keep well my dearest !In the meantime I have my loving thoughts of you and the video I unfortunately cann not listen to it because I am half deaf. So long my dearest I do love you very much! Yours Evamaria.