Archangel Michael on Peace and Truth

Michael 23The purpose of life is for us to realize the truth of our being (namely that we are all God).

Realizing that truth shall make us free, as Jesus said. It also brings us ineffable peace.

Archangel Michael, in his opening remarks to my reading with him through Linda Dillon Aug. 12, 2016, discussed the tie-in between truth and peace. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael.

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM:  And greetings and welcome to you. Welcome to you, my beloved Brother of Light, Brother of Blue, Brother of Truth, Brother of Peace. Because these two elements, these two qualities are inextricably linked.

For you do not have peace without the truth, and you do not have truth without the peace. And sometimes truth can lead to upheaval and disarray but the true outcome of the truth is peace. 
 Peace within and peace without.

There are many – yes, even still – upon this sweet planet of Gaia that do not really want to hear the truth. But regardless, the truth is streaming forward. The light, the love, the wholeness is streaming forward and as it does in the many myriad of ways in which that truth is being unveiled, anchored, inserted etc., it may appear like disarray and it most certainly appears as some level of chaos, depending on the hour and the day.

But that does not really matter because it is the Mother’s unfoldment and so, if it has need to look and feel at moments for some, that it is like a witch’s cauldron boiling over, then so be it.

Because this cannot – unless the Mother were to change her entire plan – it cannot really be halted. Now does she have the infinite power and will – does the Father? – to halt or change this? Yes, of course they do. They always have. They always will.

But that is not the plan in place. That is not the plan that has been in place beyond eons, beyond what you think of as time.

There is a very elegant and elaborate plan in unfoldment.  And the beauty of this plan, my friend, my brother, is that it takes into account the blossoming and the bringing into the expanded awareness, consciousness, expression, experience of love – transformative love would be your term.

It brings that truth of who the individual and the collective – and when I say the collective I expand that plan out into the multiverse – it brings it into fruition. Now is that the end?

Of course not! That simply lays the foundation for the next step.

There is a reason that our platform is called The Golden Age and what I love about that, my friend, is that it is called The Golden Age of Gaia.

It is not based in a year such as The 2012 Scenario, which was apt and appropriate for the time. It speaks to a larger unfoldment, a larger picture that is filled with radiance and hope. But where you and I are concerned it also speaks to peace and to truth.

Now you may wonder why I begin this way this day. And of course it has been because you are thinking and planning and wondering, “What’s next?”

And even in the current moment there are moments, and situations of course, where you are saying, “Is this really of truth?” because it most certainly doesn’t feel like peace. That is alright.

That is exactly as it has need to be.

Perhaps this is a good place to insert his brief comment on inspiring thoughts in others. I asked AAM who inspired the thought in me, while I walked down the street, to build an energy bubble to protect me from others’ vibrations.

Steve: Who is inspiring me? The other day I walked down the street and was having this energetic experience of other people, their various feelings. And I suddenly had the idea to build an energy bubble around myself and I did so. And it stopped the infiltration of the feelings of other people.

But I suddenly realized: I don’t know anything about energy bubbles! Who is inspiring me?

AAM: We are all inspiring you but that particular inspiration came through St. Germaine, my friend.

Steve: Well, it was so subtle. At first I thought it was a thought that I had and then I said to myself, “I don’t have any knowledge about energy bubbles!” So it was the first time I was aware that somebody else must’ve given me that thought.

AAM: Well, you have known about energy bubbles for a long time. You just haven’t consciously been aware of them and so, when the suggestion, the inspiration was given to you by your dear friend who loves to go on a jaunt about town, it was instantaneous, was it not? And look how well it works!

Steve: Oh gosh yes, very definitely!

AAM: That allows you to proceed and not feel overwhelmed by the energies that are surrounding you and as you proceed in the bigger picture, this will be very important.

Steve: That’s very good.