Heavenletter #5747 Your Own Happiness Isn’t Payment Due from Others, August 19, 2016

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God said:
Be good to yourself. You are to nourish yourself. That you take care of your own well-being doesn’t mean you are being selfish. It means you are being true to yourself. In this way you are also helping other people to be true to themselves. You are free, and they are free. All are free to be true to themselves.

The point is that you are not to be a beggar for love. You don’t need hand-outs from others. You are not so dependent upon others.

No one owes you. You are the only person who has to love you. Love yourself. Then see what may happen.

You don’t need the world thronging to you. Yes, you need love. You have My love. Others do not have to love you. When you are less dependent upon love from the outside, you will receive more love reaching you.  You won’t HAVE to have it.

By the same token, you will feel friendlier to others. Your own happiness depends upon you. Your own happiness isn’t payment from others. Let others just be.

Be assured of your own love for yourself. Find every opportunity to welcome yourself. When it is in your heart to uplift and inspire someone else for his or her sake, do it.

I am your Best Friend. Know it.

Here’s the thing. You and I are One. Our love is dependent upon — nothing. A bird sings. The sun shines. And I love you the same natural way. It is easy for Me to love. I can do nothing but love.

Nor does this mean that I must always come to your rescue. Love Me, and depend upon yourself. You are growing. The world does not have to beat its drums to your door. It is you who is to welcome yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself, and you will have no need for past loves or trees to bow down to you.

You are becoming responsible for yourself. You are walking in the world. Bless the world with every step you take.

As you may walk along, even in a deep sense of loneliness, bless all those who walk along beside you and those, as well, who pass you by. There is no need for you to make a big thing of what you believe you need. You have Me, and you have yourself. You deserve all the goodness in the world. You deserve, yet the world does not have to give you anything. The more you can let go of demand, the more you can let others be free, and the more love that will rush to you. It does not have to be big love. It does not have to be love wrapped up in a bow. It does not have to be love spoken. It does not have to be demonstrated. The love will just be there, and you will know it.

Some recognition of you will be there. My spirit is within you. And My spirit is within everyone else as it is in you. Meanwhile, look to bless everyone in rain or in shine. Look for evidence of love within you.

You are not looking for adoration. Yes, that would be wonderful, yet you are not looking for a great demonstration of love. What do you have really when you already have it? You are not looking for movie star love. You are looking to have more love to give from your heart.

Dear One, do not keep track of love. You are not adding love up. You are not a pick-pocket of love.

Love the trees. Love the sky. Love yourself. Love the quiet. Love the noise. Love your energy. Love your sleep. Love looking in store windows. Love being in nature. It is your nature to be. There is no contract that says you must be hip-slappingly happy. Be happy enough.

How do you do this? You are not attached. All you have to have is you and Me, and this comes with a guarantee. This is your birthright. Don’t decide that I should be doing more for you than you see. If you feel deprived of love, change your thinking. Look for the love you have been given. Look for your blessings, and bless yourself. Keep your attention on plain simple love.

Be like Me. Look around you, and say: “Yes, what I have made — this is good.”

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