An Increase in Quietness of Mind Brings an Increase in Vibration

Sacred 333I’m in the middle of realizing something.

I’m in the process of realizing that there’s a correlation between quietness of mind and vibration.

My knowledge keeps moving from the realizational to the experiential and back again.

I get it. I feel it. I get it.

And sometimes I get it. I lose it. I get it.

I’ve been running an experiment since the moment I first noticed something.

I noticed that the quieter my mind got, the higher-pitched was the sound of Aum in my ear.

That high-pitched ringing sound that so many people hear? Yogananda says that that’s Aum, which is the primal vibration supporting all creation. (1) It’s also called by sages the music of the spheres, the noise of mighty waters, and the voice in the wilderness.

I then began testing the matter, letting Aum indicate to me a higher vibration by a higher-pitched tone.

And I found that my hypothesis appeared to be accurate. As the quietness of my mind went up, the pitch of Aum did as well, which I take to mean that my vibration went up as well.

I’ve always known intellectually that an increase in quietness of mind brings an increase in vibration. But I actually got it this time at a realizational level. It isn’t just intellectual knowledge any more.


(1) I haven’t been able to find the quote in which he pinpoints the ringing in the ear as Aum, the primal creative vibration. But here he describes what happens to the yogi who listens to this sound, ringing in the ears. He or she achieves their goals, Yogananda says:

“When the Yogi … listens to cosmic vibration, his mind is diverted from the physical sounds of matter outside his body to the circulatory sounds of the vibrating flesh. Then his consciousness is diverted from the vibrations of the body to the musical vibrations of the astral body. Then his consciousness wanders from the vibrations of the astral body to the vibrations of consciousness in all atoms. Then the consciousness of the Yogi listens to the Holy Ghost or Cosmic Sound emanating from all atoms. This is the way the ordinary consciousness should be baptized or expanded into Christ consciousness through the expanding power of the Holy Ghost, or the all-spreading “Aum-vibrating-sound” heard in meditation.” (Paramahansa Yogananda, SCC, 1, 20-1.)

What Christians call the Holy Ghost is the same as what Hindus call Aum: It’s the “breath of God” (spiritus sancti), the primal and universal creative vibration, the Cosmic Sound that calls all matter into being, holds it for a while, and returns it to nothingness. I call it, as does Lao Tzu, Ramakrishna, and others, the Divine Mother.