“Redemption” – Intel SITREP – 14:00:00 EST – Saturday – July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Submitted and published with permission. ~ DC

14:00:00 EST
July 30, 2016

All T3 & T4 Paymasters now funded with new REPUBLIC TREASURY CODES assigned.

Wells Fargo is the T4 PAYMASTER for all REPUBLIC currency redemptions; Wells Fargo also to service all in-take member banks within the US network.

Wells Fargo is only bank in US that can service the ZIM because only HSBC will buy ZIM back from WF inside of North America.

HSBC authorized to pay higher sovereign rates in order to retrieve all currencies per an Elders mandate. This is the same entity that has collateralized the new financial system with gold bullion.

HSBC (Hong Kong) is Wells Fargo, TD, RBC, Scotia Bank’s end buyer for all redeemed first basket currency.

There is no limit to HSBC’s buy back capacity, who resells to the Bank of China and ultimately the AIIB (Elders humanitarian bank).

The amount of hard, tangible precious metal asset in storage is beyond anyone’s understanding. So be very discerning of those who portray their opinion as “expert” or “prudent” on such matters. Most to all on the Internet simply do not understand the history or scope involved in such a financial transition–and thus should remain silent instead of speaking and leaving no doubt as to their obvious ignorance.

Anyone who deliberately or intentionally misleads currency redeemers via inaccurate or reduced potential outcomes will be prosecuted to the full extent of international law per signed global treaty.

There is a hard start time for later this weekend across all North American redemption locations, including Canada and Mexico.

All redemption deposits will post after 3:40am EST Monday morning August 1, 2016.

God is with us.