“Crossing GCR Finish Line” – Guest Post by fm7

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Entry Submitted by fm7 at 9:21 AM ET on July 29, 2016

Excerpted transcript from Philip Tilton via Gary Larrabee just viewed with my comments in [brackets]:

…the currency exchange was hidden inside the Paris Climate Treaty that was just completed and finalized today[7/28/16]. This evening around 7 o’clock, I got a phone call saying that 208 countries will now recognize the United States of America, not as a corporation, but as a republic… [Halleluyah!] rumored that there are some meetings in the morning, and then [for] the next nine days, groups that are out there, that are registered with the US Treasury, will be given an opportunity to do their exchange, and the public should start on or around August 8… This is God’s blessing coming to those who believe, and there’s only one person or personage in the whole world that can take Monopoly money, ha ha ha, and make it real. Thank you, Jesus!Dan D’Andrea

Thanks & Blessings to Philip, Gary, Dan & ALL who have been so diligent to bring forth this significant domino falling as part of the unfolding prosperity process and paradigm shift for all mankind- to God be the Glory- forever & ever- AMen! I AM inJoy, Love, Peace, Thanksgiving-living & bestowing blessings to ALL peacefully lawfully BE’ing & DOing empowered by whole/Holy Spirit manifesting fruit thereof. BE wise & wonder-filled as U go forth blessed to be a blessing… fm7 😀