Cabal Has Been Defeated… They’ve Been Taken into Custody of the Galactics… Some Are Literally Returned to Source!

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This Didn’t Make The News Yet! Announcements Coming! The Day The Cabal Has Been Defeated… They’ve Been Taken Into Custody Of The Galactics


We’ve Been Watching A Scripted American Fake Election (S.A.F.E.) For The Corporation, Not The Republic… Here Is What Is Happening, and Here Are The Surprises To Come, Via Galactics And Starring St. Germain And Jesus (Sananda)


The galactics have been saying this is gonna happen… remember the mainstream news is scripted, so we may not get a true picture of these updates there… however, even they too shall not be able to contain what we are going through….


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And now some really really good updates!!!!!

Indian in the machine




July 28 2016
Compilation of Information from
Bob T, with Messages from 
Anakhanda, Ohmnipure, Porda, Sophia, and Nancy
FYI! On July 9th, 2016 Nancy got a private message from Ohmnipure, a Mushaba Being, who told us that an extensive Elite/cabal removal operation was going on, and at the time of the message 98% of the removals were complete. Today we have been given permission to share this original message as the operations are complete, as you will see as you read this post. 
Ohmnipure, July 09, 16
I am here today to give you a piece of news. There is a standstill in the money process because there has been a disruption of the flow of the funds in the bottom line of the cabal. As they stood their ground and made the moves they made, they did so in order to take all of the funds with them as they were taken from the planet.
This is not going to happen, for as I speak, they are all taken into custody of the Galactics, and are removing the funds from the hiding places that they created. It is a time for all of you to see what is taking place and to know that we are on top of it and are taking the measures that are needed to be able to return all of the funds to the proper places on the planet and then to remove the members of the cabal who are involved in this. This will then open up the freedom of the funds and the assistance that we are ready to give you in the distribution of them.
We are seeing that there are so many of you who have withdrawn from the idea that the funds are going to be distributed. We wish to inform you that we are taking all of the measures necessary to assure you all that the progress will be unlimited and that there will no longer be any of the cabal on the planet to disrupt it again.
What has happened is that we have discovered that some of the members of the cabal had been hiding in underground buffers and they came forward recently and began the planned disruption. We have been in a thorough search with those who are in Inner and Hollow earth assisting us in the measures that we have found necessary. So far we are at a process that is 98% done, and there will be an announcement in the coming times of what has been taking place and why there have been the ongoing delays.
That is all I can share with you at this time, and I ask that you share this with only a few who are in closeness with you. It will be in a day or two that we will have an update to announce to the world. We ask that this not happen until the situation is clear and completely safe for the release of the news.
I am Ohmnipure and I shall return.
Note from Anne:
I am not able to open the following into paragraph formatting – I am sorry, it keeps squeezing back together!
On the morning of July 27th, a dear light worker friend posted a channeled message, from someone called “Sophia” in his newsletter (that message is at the bottom of this post as reference and is highlighted in blue).
After I read that message from Sophia, and remembering what Ohmnipure said in the July 9th message, I asked our dear friend Anakhanda Mushaba to see what follow-up message he could bring forth to see where we are at this point in time regarding the removal of the cabal and other issues. Here is what he sent in two parts.
Anakhanda’s Message
July 27 2016
Initial Message in response to Bob’s e-mail. Wednesday July 27th, 2016
I find that there is definitely truth to what has been shared. It has been alluded to by Ohmnipure and others in the recent past couple of months. The 98% that was cleared included those that decided to repent and work with the change and the light. The other 2% that we spoke of was the hold-buts, but just under 1% of them also moved to the light. 
The remaining 1%, or just a bit over, are the ones that have no recourse of change and must be returned to source. They will experience what we have been calling the Second Death. Basically it is the final moment when they lose all awareness of them ever existing and are re-immersed back into Source energy to begin again with an entirely new awareness, never knowing what they once were. There is going to be more coming on this.
I am Porda
Follow up message Wednesday July 27th, 2016, 6 pm
I come back as I said I would to bring a bit more information about what I shared with you already. I am Porda, and I want to tell you that the initial 2% that we first spoke about that still had to be tended to, took some effort to get things to the point now to where it is basically over. 
As I said in my initial short message to you, that almost 1% of the original holdouts of the Cabal chose to come to the light and repent. The remaining 1% continued to do all they can to maintain total control and wreak havoc everywhere on earth that they could. They had very elaborate hiding places deep within the earth as they also used them for travel. 
We finally have overtaken all of their places of refuge and they no longer had anywhere to hide. Some of the remaining 1% shared everything with us and we were able to use that intel to strike the final blow that did them in. Those 1% are hardened and cannot and will not change under any circumstances. This is why they will have to experience the second death, which is a total end, as they know themselves in their origin. 
What this means, is that the first death is when you let go of the body and pass over to the other-side of life; however, you still live, you still have consciousness and awareness. You can repent, and purge and review your life and make whatever necessary changes to make right with what you have done. 
The second death is a finality. The spirit being ceases to exist as they knew it; they no longer have any consciousness or awareness of anything concerning their existence. They are absorbed back into Source to begin anew. What their journey will be, shall be decided by Source. We all came from Source. At one time, we knew nothing outside Source, we had no individuality. This is what it will be again for those 1% that I speak of.
You in your earth realm should begin to see some very telling and positive actions toward your world changing, You should see the movement of the release of the GCR/RV to the world shortly. You will see the change in government leadership. 
It is and has been a long time coming, I know, but welcome Home! It is time to welcome yourself to your new beginning and your new way of being that will be far beyond what you may have anticipated. Life will change for you in ways unseen, or even thought about. Your consciousness will simply let go of so much that you have been carrying. Some of what you carry with you is so deep that you could take another million lifetimes to get a handle on it. 
It is because of the grace that you all have earned, that these deep core wounds and trauma will be dissolved almost at an instant. You will feel a very telling lightness to your being, your physical body. You will feel as if tons of weight have lifted from your mind and emotions. You will feel an energy inside and all around you that you will not have words for; however, when you look into each others’ eyes, you will know that you are all feeling the same thing. 
Your thinking patterns will take a very bold shift in direction and you will just simply and plainly Feel Good all over! You will look in the mirror and see years of aging has lifted right off your face. You will feel this sudden surge of youth coursing through your being! 
I am looking forward to returning to earth in my present body and reuniting with the Love of my life, my wife Min’imah, who we call Mama Force, as well as my family and friends. 

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