Heavenletter #5726 In Infinity, There Is No Bias, July 29, 2016


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Heavenletter #5726 In Infinity, There Is No Bias, July 29, 2016

God said:
There is no bottom to My heart, and there is no top. My heart is Infinite. Truth be known, your heart is Infinite as well. As it is, however, My Infinite Heart is calm and patient while your Infinite Heart tends to tap its foot in impatience.

It could be that all you need in order to recognize the Vastness of your heart is to calm down. Even as you know that time is not, let Me tell you that you have all the time in the world to wait for patience to arise. What is your hurry in life? Must you be in such a hurry? And for what? Do you enjoy being hasty and insisting on your opinions as if they were holy?

Let go of the idea that you have to settle everything or anything the way you like. When you visit in someone’s home, and you don’t like the way they arrange their furniture, I imagine that you do not get up and rearrange their furniture for them. You don’t, do you? Even if you are a certified designer, you likely don’t move one piece of furniture unless the homeowner invites you to do so.

In a way, in this issue at hand, We are speaking of a different kind of interior design – the interior design of how you look at the world, your perspective and your opinion and how others may see differently.

Who says you have to be pleased? Why would you be impatient unless you thought you had to be pleased? Why exactly do you think that all the world is to decorate the way you like and think the way you think? Who made others accountable to you? Even your grown children are not accountable to you.

Everyone in the world has his or her preferences. Must the world bend down to you in reverence to your personal preferences? Did I make a mistake here somewhere to believe that there is room for all at the inn?

What confusion there would be in the world if everyone thought that the world was to bow down to his or her will? Yet for years and years, everyone may have been thinking just that. Not that they or you were actually thinking. More like you never thought but assumed that the world is to be according to you.

Come to think of it, there IS confusion in the world. Confusion is rampant. Could there be a correlation between these two factors? (1) A mind set that says you know better than most everyone else and (2) all the impatience in the world.

Is it possible We have discovered the basis of the state of the world? Could the ego mind be responsible for all the wars and heartache in the world? Are your opinions essential to the world? Are your opinions really essential to you?

Now, at the same time I say all this, I also want to say that the world is your oyster and everyone else’s as well.

Even all that you see as tragedy is a mere opinion of yours. Your opinions come from somewhere. Probably the very world that you live in has taught you what is to loom large in your life.

Somewhere you learned to fear death of the body. Somewhere you learned the whole idea of suffering. You learned what is naughty and what is nice. You learned the art of embarrassment and outright shame. Shame is just another side to pride. You picked up from somewhere your whole sense of self-worth which is different from ego-pride. Somewhere you picked up the idea of what is essential and what is not.

For some, your opinions may change frequently. For others, you hold on to your opinions for dear life.

What if you would not consider your opinions as final say? Then you would be calm and patient. What if differences of opinions could coexist and you didn’t object? Give this a try.

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