Anunnaki – Anu the Annunaki ET

Does he look like Anu the Annunaki ET to you and how is Anu related to Catholic & Christianity?

He sure looks like Anu to me. According to Simon Parkes, during one of the trip to Earth, somehow, Anu got trapped within the frequency barrier and cannot get out. He has been here since. He travels around in his astral/etheric form not his physical body….we can assume that this look like is physical body where he put it in a hibernation-like status. This body is thousands of years old.

What do we know about Anu and Catholic, Christianity and related religions?
Well, Anu is one who got portraited as “Father God” in the Bible (The old man with the ugly beard). The “Story of Creation” with Adam & Eve was a fairy tale trying to depict human origin which is totally made up. After the fall of Atlantis & Lemuria, when the group Annunaki arrived on Earth and saw how our ancestors were so clueless because they fell in consciousness, they used their advanced technologies to created miracles and our ancestors thought them “Gods”. Basically, humanity got tricked=duped. The Annunaki then wrote the story of creation to tell humanity how they got here and said that anyone who see the face of God would die. This cause terror among humans and it is still written in the Bible today. Remember, the Bible only goes back about 6,000 years but humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years.

When you are highly awakened, know the truth, know the history of religions and know how humans got to this point from long ago, you cannot help but really that the BIBLE stands for Brainwashing Information Before Leaving Earth because the orginal BIBLE was written by the Annunaki to pass down their stories and etc. Later, the Cabal rewrote the BIBLE hundreds of times and got many versions; they also invented other religions to have religious wars. All were done to enslave humanity….because they need to suck our spiritual life force.

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