About the Plejadeans and their Technology – Hatonn/Soltec through Marc Gamma

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Jumat, 06 Desember 2013


beberapa paragraf terakhir yang menarik dari pesan ini meski semuanya juga tak kalah menarik, tapi terjemahin sendiri ya yang lainnya…. 😀
My Beloved Human, sebelum menyimpulkan pesan hari ini – Saya ingin memberitahu anda bahwa saatnya telah tiba sekarang untuk mengkoreksi nama saya.  Koreksi ini sekarang diperlukan karena ada beberapa event yang akan terhubung dengan saya. Saya komandan spaceship Phoenix yang telah dikenal untuk beberapa waktu. Namun, tidak diketahui sama sekali bahwa nama saya Hatonn, sepertinya sudah banyak hal yang diketahui dan disalahpahami benar dari awal dan kemudian diterapkan dalam cara yang sama sekali keliru sejak saat itu. Dan aku meninggalkannya seperti itu karena beberapa incognito = nama alias dan nama asli saya adalah – Soltec.
Dan nama ini telah diberikan sekarang bersama penyaluran ini yang terhubung ke Komet ISON. Dan karena sebagian besar anda tahu yang disebut Komet bukanlah Komet tapi sebuah spaceship.
ISON adalah spaceship saya.
Dan sekarang waktunya untuk mengkoreksinya.
Hatonn bukanlah nama sebenarnya saya – tapi Soltec.
Dan sangat segera ship saya The Phoenix akan tiba di Bumi – dan Bumi bersama dengan semua penghuninya akan mengalami beberapa Drama yang tidak pernah dilihat di langit Gaia dan ini akan lebih bersinar – segalanya bersinar lain! Dan kemudian – berikutnya secara beruntun – akan ada “Satu yang Besar Sekali” yang telah anda tunggu dan rindukan sejak lama dengan begitu bersemangat.
Ini adalah kedatangan saudara-saudara bintang anda – kedatangan keluarga langit anda, kedatangan semua perubahan pada waktunya dan segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan itu!
Dan sekarang saya telah tiba di akhir pesan ini :
Sekarang, my dearest humans, melakukan apa yang diperlukan untuk mencerna semua pesan yang saya kirim hari ini. Ada begitu banyak hal-hal baru dan sedikit dari mereka yang telah disampaikan kepada anda sekaligus dengan berbagai saluran lain juga. Menyelamlah ke dalamnya dan mengasimilasi semua pengetahuan ini. Bawalah ke dalam diri sendiri dan berpikirlah tentang segala sesuatu – seperti akan menjadi sebagian dari diri – dan anda akan menerapkan teknologi semacam ini dan ini adalah pengetahuan dirimu sendiri.
With great love to you,
Soltec, Fleet-Commander and Commander of the Phoenix
Copyright © Gamma Marc. 
Translated By Birru Sadhu

About the Plejadeans and their Technology contd.
Hatonn/Soltec through Marc Gamma 

Hatonn/Soltec speak …
My beloved humans here on earth, it’s time again to submit to you another message new to you. Since you learned a lot new matter from my last message we today shall restore again the link where we finalized our last message when my channel got too tired to go on.
Today,  quite refreshed again we want to supply you with more details about the Plejadeans and their particular technology. We had mentioned already various matters in our last message which we now should like to continue and this with their kind of technology.
As mentioned before the Plejadean Technology is quite a progressive one. We do not make use of our technology not only for space-flights, medical purposes resp. medical treatment of our population – no, it covers also our spiritual work.
Using your sort of technological comprehension it may be quite difficult to imagine it – since technology as we comprehend it surpasses by far all possible application of it compared to that of Earth and her inhabitants. You put your technology to use for matters of having fun, to simplify work, and for doing various jobs for you – while we apply our kind of technology also for matters which are irrelevant from your opinion. For you – there is no such thing whatsoever – connecting technology to spirituality
And this will be our topic today. We want to explain to you how technology and spirituality may be connected to each other. Everything we do, we think and turn over – it all is in adherence and harmony with the universe and it universal laws. This is one of the most essential pre-requisites which must be adhered to first in order to apply any following technology in the very sense of it.
All technology will refuse to be of any service once some particular person or entity will try to make use of it for some issue which is not in harmony with any of the universal laws. Each and every of our technologies put to use by us is a full conscious being.  And thus it is its consciousness which is fully connected to “All-There-Is” – meaning again that everything may be able to interact with each other and also to exchange facts and views etc. in such a way.
This is most wonderful – yet depends on gaining first some sort of survey since otherwise comprehension of all this might prove quite difficult. Let’s go on our journey and choose some particular device – one that will be used shortly on earth too. It is the matter of some appliance being used on our ships always again and again since there are humans with deep and serious injuries.
These injuries are not of some physical nature yet concern levels of their souls. Souls are much more than you may be able to comprehend in its energetic complexity – just in order to express it in some simple way. Souls are entities of sheer energy displaying some incredible consciousness and beauty which is also second to none in the universe.
Such a soul may be greatly damaged from time to time since it may have suffered a big shock or some traumatic experience or being immensely fragmented by some nuclear explosion (this may create some sort of disorder of single soul-parts) .  These injuries in their complexity may be corrected, healed only by some extravagant application of technology. Such devices are comparable to some sort of chamber formed like coffins of upright standing . They may house a soul and adjust the treatment of it. You already know these devices as “Light-Chambers “
The respective patient or soul will be treated therein with various frequencies, various lights and sounds. Automatically the respective Light-Chamber will know what and where the problems are and accordingly will suggest appropriate measures of treatment which may be influenced also by its human operator. Generally there will be no need for somebody operating the machine since the latter has a consciousness of its own which connects itself to the consciousness of the soul concerned. It is the latter one which may explain quite specifically – if possible – what has led to her injuries and what are the expressive problems at all.
This procedure is totally running in a telepathic mode – and without the use of any spoken words. Everything is calm and without any tension. After the specific program of treatment has been sorted out the Light-Chamber will start its work. All chosen programs are being step wisely run through. All layers of the soul will be treated step by step in all dimensions and universes.
You will be able to understand now only from the above explanation that this entails some incredibly complex procedure. This very schedule is completely an autonomous one. No interference from the outside is needed. Once the treatment has been completed the soul will be able to leave its “Light-Chamber” and take up again its service by returning to its body again. This has been done with this channel some time ago when he was severely fallen ill – or in some case of the original body being damaged irreparably or not being at disposal any more – the repaired soul will be allotted to some other body.
Everything is contained in the Divine Order and is being guarded and supervised by our Creator of “All-There-Is”.  He has legions of assistants in order to accompany and adjusting this procedure. If some alteration or intervention may deemed necessary the creator will give his instructions accordingly which will be turned over for the sake of all and of the soul concerned. And always it is the soul having to decide finally. Free Will is the utmost rule and it is respected throughout.
Let’s switch over to another subject. Technology is one of the topics but there are still some other ones being similarly interesting. What we are going to deal with now has nothing to do with technology still technology may effect it all the way in the background of it. However, the technology concerned is not in the focus here and shall not be explained here in detail too.
In order to receive this sort of explanation we shall go aboard of some spaceship. We boarding my own spaceship, the Phoenix. It is an old ship and all over the thousands of years it has been adjusted always again to all latest technological progress. However, much more essential is to understand that ships as such ones do not solely consist of technologies but are fully consciously living entities. The ship as a soul of its own just alike humans have.
Ships have a soul which is a so called “Helping Soul”  meaning as follows: These souls were born for the purpose to serve. And their service is their expression of love to everybody wanting eagerly to make use of such service. Consciousness of the ship maintains always being in contact with everybody being on board of the ship and also it is always directed to care for all wishes, amenities and any possibility of its crew and their needs. This is a most essential issue since members of the crew partly serve for years and up to several generations there on spaceships. They live in some community there and with them are all their families. Partly there are entire groups of the same people having joined in order to do their specific service there.
We do know and are conscious of the fact that it may be somewhat difficult for some humans to imagine everything in some proper way. It appears very strange to humans to live in such a way of being together,  interacting in such mode, living and serving as described here. Some years from now, however, human beings will also learn to appreciate this kind of service, life, and work for themselves.  Service is being effected to the community and to oneself. Since all of the crew are serving all of their community – the single one is being served also. To express it in some simple way: “We are a most picturesque mass – beings originating from various folks –  serving on a spaceship”. Our work is for ourselves and for the Light. And we safeguard and ensure that everything is in harmony and consonance with the universal Laws.
Deviations of any sort will be noticed at once and will be corrected undelayed.  We are able to acknowledge everything at once which is not in correspondence with universal laws and also notice where and how we have to intervene in order to rebalance everything into the right order again.
And this is the very last and next subject of our today’s message. We do not have to leave the ship because of it. We shall remain still on board here since this also will deal with life here onboard. All of us, the crew here and I, the Commander of this Spaceship, we have been here and furthermore will stay here in service for quite a time. We all are equal with equal rights and privileges. There is nobody here who has more nor less. And also here it  is some valid rule, everything is according to the rule and in balance. This is one of the foundational rule making us always happy. Nobody possesses more nor needs more because there is enough here for all of us and for everybody.
This is some very simple description of some mode how many may live together. If these simple rules are being adhered to there will never be any reason to be not content. It is not possible to become aware of some sort of imbalance neither is it possible to ascertain any injustice as all is in flowing and in harmony.
These are the rules and laws which in their application will be taught to you. After you have ascended these rules and how to apply them will be brought near to you. You will be assisted by innumerable assistants of the star-families. And we call a wonderful technology our own that will help you to integrate everything.
The way of learning matters will thus be changed greatly. To sit in some school-bench in order to learn something will become a matter of the past. To get information will be much easier for you. Everything is in the flow and may take use of. You only have to adjust yourselves to the that particular field of knowledge and you have access to it. You call this field on earth as: Morphogenetic Field” discovered by your scientist (Rupert Sheldrake) having had a broader horizon. I also make use always again of this specific field as it is everywhere and always accessible. If one has gone through the corresponding education of it – it is very easy to use it.
My beloved humans, just before concluding this message today – I’d like to tell you that time has come now to make some correction regarding my name. This correction now is necessary since there will be some event which is to be connected to me. I am the commander of spaceship Phoenix and this has been well known already for quite some time. However, it is not known at all that my name Hatonn had been like so much else profoundly misunderstood right from the beginning and thus has been applied in an entirely mistaken way since then. And I left it as it was as some incognito=alias name also entails some special advantages.real name – it is Soltec.
And this name has been given now with the channeling connected to Comet ISON. And since most of you know this so called Comet is neither a Comet but a Spaceship.
ISON is my Spacesh
And it is time now to make the according correction now.
Hatonn is not my ip PHOENIX !
And very soon my ship The Phoenix will arrive at Earth – and Earth with all her inhabitants will experience some Drama never been seen in the skies of Gaia and this will over-shine everything else ! And then – following in sequence – there will be “The Huge One” which you all have waited for so eagerly and yearningly since a long time ago.
It is the arrival of your brothers and sisters from the stars – the arrival of your celestial families, the arrival of all change in due course and everything else pertaining to it !
And now I have arrived here at the end of this message.
Now, my dearest humans – do what is needed to digest everything I messaged you today. There were so many new matters and few of them which have been submitted to you once by various other channels too.  Dive into it and assimilate all this knowledge. Take it into yourselves and think about everything – as very soon it will become some part of yourselves – and you will apply this kind of technology and its knowledge yourselves.
With great love to you,
Soltec, Fleet-Commander and Commander of the Phoenix
Copyright © Gamma Marc.