Reflections on the Realm of Spirit 05 – The Very Beginning … ??? – or !!!

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The Very Beginning …. ???  or  !!!

One never knows … for sure … how everything might have started all in the beginning … but just imagine these reflections or similar ones might be true ………

Up to now we have stated so far some distinct features for this newly entered realm of spirit.   Time is of Zero Point there like water in some vast ocean … everywhere …i.e.  everwhere where Spirit dwells and is existent there is the Time of Now too.  And moreover any and every level of dimension is being permeated by Spirit and with him/her/them is Time …. only that it is fluctuent and undergoes some transformation if this is caused by spirit and all vibrations pertaining to it.

So that we now have achieved some certain picture of some vast huge great Ocean of Spirit’s Conciousness together with another expansion of Consciousness by the name of “Time”.

Spirit is said to be filled with ENERGY only and solely ! And out of Spirit’s Energy has been originated CONSCIOUSNESS and TIME OF ZERO. They all belong together and are flooding in huge waves through all dimensional levels of our universe …at least primarily … still this will happen too with other parallel – universes and remote-ones too,

As the very first and prime source of every Creation was that very part of Consciousness which started to emerge from a prime merger of various particles of consciouness … dreaming the primeordial and first dream of all …and while dreaming it expanded itself in some quantum leap to some awareness of itself as it dreamed with expanding consciousness in to the “I AM” and became the First and Primeordial Supreme Soul of “All-There-Is”.

And it could not do otherwise than go on dreaming with this newly gained consciousness of its “I AM”  and was filled ever more with it so it now transformed into a soul which was overflowing so it had to split in two equal halves much alike and equally which then was glued to the first one in some blissful merger too.  He/it had expanded to some sort of denser consciousness at first when dreaming that some new essence of being had been started with becoming aware of its “I AM”… and this latter consciousness had made him a soul which in due course had been separated in two alike halves. And this engraved into these two halves of formerly one soul the never-ending yearning attraction to each other pervading all realms and dimensions still to come.

First it had grown into some sort of knot and the activity of dreaming made this knot being filled with light … created the shine of light in it ! And thus light had been borne in prime time too.  Light filled the first knot equally like its dreams of which created some more viz. something of the nature like Consciousness and with Light and Consciousness closely linked together … this very first dreamer expanded like bodily cells now grow and expand.

Expansion took place  in such a way:  first there was that prime part of all …who started dreaming and with more forthcoming dreams there was more than only the very first part of all, transformation to becoming a SOUL had taken place. He/it partitioned into two halves of his essence of being, there he/it was: the primeordial part and then by his/it dreams – a SOUL…and this soul partitioned into another half too . By such creation some kind of power had been created…i.e. ENERGY OF CREATION.

This became some character of being Joy, Pleasure, as those were created as adherent features too when all this happened … no more still dreaming on its own … but being a Soul with new modalities of bliss, joy, Delight … arising from it … and HE/It i.e. the First Dreaming Soul had to expand all the more growing into some 2nd part much alike him/it … the first one. Consciousness of what happened became even more greater too and delight of the shining light out of him/it was so huge that the other alike-part – out of his former Sole Self of him/it – had busted apart and came into existence too.

This sudden separatition entailed even more light and not wanting to lose this “Split-off-Other Half”  the Prime Dreaming Soul tightly used all the light he had created himself and glued the New Split Part of His firmly to himself …. creating the very first Heart of the Universe.  and all the Light he had used to glue both of them together was given the name of “LOVE” !

All these doings and activity had forced some existence of very brandnew features now:  Spirit was the expression for the Consciousness, Time has been created for the lapse of procedure or quantum leap described  –  and Energy, the Power of achieving such results thereby, creating Light and Love as bye-products.

And what was it about the 2nd part created from the DREAMING SUPREME SOUL himself ?  It was this 2nd Half that one which resorted to some action itself while splitting of from his dreaming origin. With bliss of love i.e. the glue of the two … they first merged again together and thereby they created the very first ArchAngel Michael (of which at birth the Mother said: “He is like You” to the Supreme Soul crowning him as First Father too. This made them parents of their first Angelic offspring with all of  their parental qualities.  They became Father and Mother and the Divine Parents of Creation of all Universes whereby the part of dreaming and scheming stayed with the Divine Father and all subsequent activities were given to the Divine Mother.

This story might not be very true still it may describe how it could have been played out. Please take it as a sort of explanation how everything could have happened in the prime days of Spirit Realms.
With love to all of you.



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