Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (01)

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01) The Never-ending Realm of Spirit

Having passed through the Great Portal of Consciousness last Week I entered the higher evolved realm of Spirit – higher evolved than our left three dimensional reality of dual values to which conditions we had to adhere for thousands of years,

Yes – I turned back to do my contract work still here under the old conditions but truly I have gained the other more evolved realm of spirit and now have to find out what it is all about in that new spiritual realm.

I have gained unity with All-there-is – truly and really. I have left all dualities and in the course of recent days I was so often surprised what all this entailed to the least extent.

My priority now is to extend and to expand my sense of consiousness and of knowledge about this new realm. This makes me spending my “Days of Now” with thinking and pondering and I am aware of getting downloads in fragments with matching pictures – in fragments too – that make me completely  “wushi – wishi”  since I cannot find any slight bit of structural order in them … and yes –

I am getting conscious too that such ways of order still belong to the old kind of dual Matrix!

So I have to keep up with these fragmentary pieces and make some sort of description out of them since I want to share these thoughts with all of you here.

And here Spirit “The Great” butts in – in assistance.
He made Mark asking me to work for him again and I found his collection of thoughts communicating with his readers was a splendid idea that I could take up as well.

There is no need to break my former mind adhering to duality matrix about some orderly structure. As this former matrix has disappeared from the podest over all of us.

I shall accummulate here what will be downloaded into me in due course – bit by bit – and then share it with you in short abbreviated observations and reflections. I shall write them down as they come.

And here is No. 01 :

Spirit’s Realm is never-ending !
It pervades all different levels of dimensional evolutions fluctuating and floating everywhere. It is his/her/their very function to observe that all Divine Planning and Creation is functioning according to decrees of our Parental Creators with the assistance of some countless choir of Angelic Assistants and Ascended Guides.

They are together with Spirit everywhere – jumping and quantum leaping in a sort of Internet between various levels of dimension.

These are my first perceptions of this new consciousness of mine.  And this concludes too the No. 01 of my Reflections about the Never-ending Realm of Spirit.

With Love to all of you.



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