Gaia Portal with Interpretation by Justin

Interpretations: “Elementals gather and prepare the way.” – The term elemental is contextually used in this statement to refer to beings or individual embodiments of consciousness. Generally, the term elemental refers to something that is primary or basic, as well as things of or relating to nature. Merging the two concepts together, the inference is that elementals are those beings that are part of Gaia’s conclave or corps for realizing her unique plans. Consider that the Earth is a being in its own right, complete with a body made up of other living things. Just like the human body has trillions upon trillions of cells, each with a unique purpose and function, so does Gaia. And also like our bodies, not every cell within it is cooperating with the overall organism. When cells in our bodies willfully choose to go against the host, we call this cancer and disease. Within a Law of One system of interpretation, Gaia’s objective, which unfolds in the third density portion of her evolutionary phase of development—the current phase of life on Earth—is the density of choice. All of the individual cells of Gaia’s body, of which human beings are a part, have to choose to either become agents of Gaia and the Cosmos at large, the service to others path, or choose not to work with her and follow the service to self path. Humanity has through tacit or implied means chosen the latter, while some within humanity have chosen the former. Elementals, in this system of interpretation, have made the choice to serve Gaia at an incredibly strong level. If we consider ancient myths and legends regarding elemental creatures, then elementals would be thought of as beings very close to Gaia and her plans. In this sense, an elemental is like an angel created by Gaia for her specific purpose in evolution, much like the way angels were created by the creator to carry out the plans of creation.

Taking this into account, this statement seems to be suggesting that these elemental creatures are coming together (gathering) to begin or continue some grand working, a project or development that is instrumental to Gaia and her plans, which by extension, are a part of the plan of creation as a whole. Elementals tend to interact and affect nature, which suggests that we may see climate or Earth changes as signposts of her forward progress. As individuals, these macroscopic events change the landscape for our individual dramas and life stories, which like Gaia’s personal drama, is perfectly tailored or constructed for individual evolution. The only thing that can hold back the ever unfolding ascension and upliftment of the universe and the creatures in it is free will, the random or chaotic element in creation. The universe is always evolving, but individuals can choose not to, and in doing so, choose spiritual death. As such, during these times of global change (elemental gatherings) do not allow fear and egoism to tempt us into rejecting the truth. For only by embracing what IS can we ride the waves of change instead of being smashed apart by an ill-conceived desire to hold on to the past.

“Higher craft appear to Gaia inhabitants.” – The phrase higher craft seems to be an overt reference to non-terrestrial technology, such as antigravity spacecraft. The phrase does not specify if these craft are part of human-run secret space programs or part of extraterrestrial advancements. The term craft has another meaning as well related to an activity involving the creation of something, material or metaphysical, as a result of accumulated skill. For example, actors or thespians often refer to their activities as the craft. In this sense, higher craft could be a reference to the skillful creations of highly evolved entities. Given the preceding statement in this update referring to elementals gathering and preparing the way, this statement could be suggesting a grand working or cooperative effort that will be visible or appear to Gaia inhabitants. Both interpretations are valid given this statement, and this suggests that both meanings are applicable here. As such, the fruit of elementals gathering would be higher crafting, which could manifest as many different things, including higher craft or spacecraft. In either case, the fact that they are appearing to Gaia inhabitants suggests that, first, it is sanctioned by Gaia, and second, it is an effort to catalyze or awaken consciousness; but this is not forced. Appearing to someone is much like presenting or offering something, which via free will, can be ignored if an individual so chooses, much like chemtrails can be ignored despite the fact the ignorant masses see them almost every day.

This suggests that evolution is based on free will, but that eventually, the evolution of the cosmos overshadows an individual’s desire not to change. In other words, free will of all beings is taken into consideration, not just one over another. When an individual chooses not to evolve and grow, the universe continues to progress and offer opportunities. But eventually, the divergence between those who choose stagnancy and the universe as a whole becomes too great, and in order to continue progress, external changes are permitted that offer healing to those who choose stagnancy. I suggest that at this time, Gaia is preparing to undergo her personal step forward, and is making an effort to offer growth to all those who have heretofore refused it. And in a grand cosmic sense, those who choose not to grow are mentally and spiritually unhealthy or sick individuals, which by their traumatized state, justify a selfish or self-serving position of soul stagnancy. As such, the universe offers healing so as to restore proper mental and spiritual function, much like curing cancer involves restoring each cell toward harmony with the body.

“Starbursts Light the Heavens.” – The term starburst refers to a radially emitted light or energy that shines outwardly in all directions. The term light obviously refers to luminescent energy but it also represents true knowledge or wisdom. The term enlightenment and starburst are related within a metaphysical sense in that, when one becomes enlightened, they radiate love and wisdom to all beings regardless of who or what they are. Much like the Sun pours out light to all—to the sinner and the saint—so does an enlightened person share their unique essence with all. When one becomes enlightened they have achieved the supreme spiritual covenant with the creator, to become like the creator in our unique sphere of influence. The creator is the father and mother of all lights or stars, which pours out its love to all. All of these attributes describe unselfish love. Selfish love, by contrast, seeks to without or pull back from those we judge as unworthy. Therefore to deny love to one is a selfish act. And yet pouring out unselfish love to a world of individuals twisted by selfishness requires wisdom, insight, and divine guidance—the path of the razor’s edge. Given all this, starbursts light the heavens suggests that embodiments of consciousness are achieving states of enlightenment, who could be human or otherwise. And when one individual reaches this state of sublime partnership with the creator and universe as a whole, it becomes a little easier for those who have not achieved this state to do so.

“Commencement services begin.” – The term commencement refers to the initiation or beginning of something and also refers to the ceremony in which diplomas or degrees are given to graduating students. If we assume that all individuals are students learning and growing in skill to one day graduate or evolve to reach a state of semi-completion, then this statement could be referring to the fact that individuals are reaching a state of self-mastery, sovereignty or enlightenment. Given the preceding statements and analyses of this update, I suggest that the current gathering of elementals was an effort by Gaia to alter environmental conditions to help individuals make forward progress on their path. These individuals have reached a state of graduation that will undoubtedly mean they are now working directly with Gaia and the universe to further the plans of creation.

Again, consider that a cell within the body is an individual with a unique purpose yet is also enfolded into the purpose of the organism as a whole. In this way, our primary focus or goal in this life is to become enlightened, to transcend selfishness by starving out the negative ego. Eventually, the trauma of feeling separate from the divine is healed, and we reclaim our status as co-creators with the all. We are each individual singers in the uni-verse, the one song of creation. And like all music, to remove even one voice or instrument changes the piece that can be produced. This is why each individual is absolutely instrumental to the unfolding purpose of creation as a whole; and why eons upon eons of time are spent making efforts to uplift creatures so as to become starbursts of the divine.
– Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more ‘correct’ than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore, can be part of an exploration of one’s self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.


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