Council of Nine: “Greetings in the New Dawn”

Blue Dragon Journal

Note from Eliza:  Surprise, surprise.  I felt a birthing process beginning this afternoon, as I have been lying in bed, nursing a sore throat and headache.  My high heart chakra has been glowing hot and aching since yesterday… and now this message comes through.  I wrote it quickly.  The information is not new, but the acknowledged presence of the Council is… for I have not felt them for quite awhile.  Per usual, take what you need and leave the rest.  As has been intimated by recent astrological events, a new beginning is starting for some of us, indeed for all mankind.  What we do now depends on each one of us stepping forward with courage, determination and surrender to the new energies that are emerging through us, Source energy.  How and what form it takes on will depend on how willing we are to each ground this energy into manifestation…

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