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At this Time in the Evolution of Mankind a New Chakra will be brought into being.. This will be the Ear Chakra, the eighth chakra.. This chakra will be the “inner ears,” similar to the “inner eye,” the sixth chakra.. When one’s inner life can come into focus through not only the “inner eye,” but also the “inner ears,” one must realize there is also an “inner communication system” that does not verbalize as a voice box.. This inner verbalization is a form of what we call ESP, only just as loud and communicable as our speech and just as capable of nuances of expression.. In this chakra we are able to hear our own inner voice; the voice of wisdom, of compassion, of knowledge.. We also can hear the Divine voice, the higher source of wisdom and truth that the upper chakras connect us to.. When we combine the Divine voice with our own inner voice, and follow the path it leads us down, then we are truly living our Truth.. We can attain an independence and freedom..freedom from fear, from judgment, from dysfunction.. We can hear, follow and speak our inner and Divine Truth.
Basic principle : Resonance of Being
Color: Red-violet.. Location: One inch in front of physical ears
Sense: Hearing.. Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ear Crystals: Amber, Celestite, Rhodonite, Phantom Quartz
Key Phrase: I Hear
Positive Phrases: I Hear only Truth. I Hear my guides clearly. I Hear others clearly.
Key Functions: Clairaudience, process what is heard, desire for Spiritual Guidance
Functions: The Ear chakra is the color red-violet and is the seat of clairaudience, clear hearing. The Ear chakra is located one inch in front of the physical ears. There is an energy center on both sides of the head; however, it is one complete chakra.
It processes what you hear. A healthy Ear chakra allows you to correctly process what has been said and focuses your attention on the person speaking, thus helping to reduce communication errors. It also opens the channel for spiritual hearing and medium skills and houses the desire for spiritual guidance. It is the source for all extrasensory communication.
Signs of Imbalance:
Underactive: lack of attention, an inability to process what you hear, ear infections, hearing ailments including deafness, vertigo
Overactive: sensitivity to loud noises, the inability to tune out or turn off dialog with other spirits or entities at will, dizziness.
I Hear Divine Guidance easily and effortlessly.
I Hear others clearly and easily.
I Hear only positive messages.
I Hear and recognize Truth.
I Hear my guides clearly.
I Hear my Higher Self.
I Hear and understand.
I Hear my angels clearly.
I Hear and nurture my inner child.

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