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As the ancient Romans said: “Sanus Per Aqua” which gave rise to the modern SPA.
SPA is not more than the water cure.
It is no accident that great men such as Leonardo Da Vinci had his mental initiation, in caves where most water supplies springs.
It is said that this great man of the Renaissance, has been missing for two years, after which he wrote in his diary (first entry – he was still very young) his impressions about a cave on the outskirts of Florence.
                                   Virgin of the Rocks
From thereon, the young Leonardo was one of the greatest geniuses of mankind and many modern inventions are due to his designs.
Water is considered to bear the same nature like Mother Earth’s milk. It is the water that nourishes us both physically and spiritually.
About eight-tenths of our body consists of water. It is therefore not surprising that one seeks a cure for our ills through the medium of water.
I healed tendonitis in the shoulder by swimming in saltwater and by use of  compresses of crushed plants after diluted in fresh spring-water.
In the first quarter of the XX century the French scientist René Quinton, installed its dispensaries cure by injection or ingestion of water or marine plasma.

Several studies on the unusual properties of water as Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrate in this video interview in English, “Hidden Messages of Water”:

Water has conductive and electromagnetic properties and therefore has the storage capacity of emotional memories, which can be used positively to it by applying a positive impression thereto such as the famous blue solarized water of Hooponopono.
Sebastian Kneipp one of the founders of one natural medicine-branch “Hydrotherapy” connected to the SPA values inherited by the Romans, was known as the “Water-Doctor”. He pointed out that water stimulates the human neuro-vegetative system, the hormonal system and circulatory system in a most beneficial way.
In Greek mythology we have a God of the seas, “Poseidon” who is considered the higher octave of “Aphrodite”, The Goddess representing earthly love and as the archetype of the universal love we have Poseidon.
In astrology Poseidon is the lord of the higher mental planes.
The capital city of Atlantis – the ancient island of so many old souls on Earth – was named “Poseidon”.
(who is a Goddess (Orishas) of that old religion (Cadomblé) that came from Africa and now is a very significative one in Brasil…)
In the religion of the Orishas, the Cadomblé, “Yemanja” is the queen of the sea. There is a syncretism between this Orisha and Santa Maria.
By the way, “Mary” for us who speak Portuguese seems to be a name from the word Mar (ocean).
However, the name of the Mother of Jesus was Miriam which means lady in Hebrew. But in Assyrian Aramaic means acid ocean or bitter ocean…
Please note  also:
“in German “Maria” also has the meaning of the vast seemingly endless gentle and all-arounding softness of the motherly ocean in some very positive sense while  “Mara” (if you take out the “i” ) which then becomes Mara turns out to become the contrary in its sense describing the bitter/harsh/acid feature of it like the way “Miriam” does in Assyrian/Aramaic).”
From the viewpoint of yogis Water is considered also very much in the sense of spirit and material. They have a very practical use in respect of the health of the physical body . (Healing practice for water Yogi Ramacháraca on which is based the rest of the text.)
The water cure is a branch of the Hata-Yoga, Yoga has also the meaning of physical wellbeing.
I’ve talked on this blog about yoga breathing and there is a parallel between this discipline and yoga’s water cure.
For Eastern yogis, the only novelty compared to Western therapies of healing by water, is the understanding of its theory or principle of Prana.
Prana or the “Universal Life Force Energy” is being interpreted as a means permeating everything and all living beings in the universe, knowing that there is no matter which may be considered “dead”.
We know that Prana may be taken or obtained  from food and be used later on other forms of energy; we also know that Prana is obtainable from the air we breathe and passed directly to our small deposit of internal energy, or solar plexus chakra, the Yellow Chakra.
Now we know that water also contains Prana and as water may be converted into other forms of energy, it may also promote health of the physical body.
My goal is to present these properties of water so that all of you be aware of them.
Prana exists and is of great benefit to health in any way, but by the action of consciousness and intention to use it via the agent of water its effect is potentiated.
Maybe now you understand  why I wrote the previous post about the movement of consciousness in the plans of the mind. There is an order of sequence also to this article.
The movement of water and this ventilation causes an increase of that level of prana contained therein.
It is advisable before to drink water you pass it from one cup to another to energize it.
One can also understand why a walk by the sea can be so refreshing. The energy of waves over-lapping each other communicates this energy to the air of the beach and render it very healthy.
As for baths, these will be more invigorating if we move and stir the water beforehand because the water in our homes is intubated and therefore is deficient of Prana.
I believe the shower is a good option for empowering the bathwater. It also is more hygienic for obvious reasons and is most effective when you want to clean energy in your aura.
Physiologically we are losing daily about 1.5 litres of water via urine and sweat. Therefore, this is the amount of water that we have to consume daily in order to refill the daily loss of water.
If we don’ refill these water-losses by drinking, many complications may arise such as lazy intestines that don’t expel the trash. Thus will literally poison the body.
Some continued state of constipation may lead to various ailments more or less dangerous as chronic migraines and even cancer of intestines.
Conversely, the less water is being consumed the less we urinate, meaning that our blood droppings will be accumulates by the work of our cells and our bladder and kidneys will be over-saturated with salt, yielding stones.
With this knowledge of what we express as the “Wash-out” , we have also have to take up what the yogi calls internal bath every day.
There is another effect that is substantial, people who drink little water get more wrinkles and age more quickly than those who drink at least 1.5 litres per day.
The water intake will help replenish minerals that are lost with perspiration throughout the day.
In case you are convinced that you do not sweat much or ever!
This is not so, all of us humans perspire much more than we assume and always lose more water than we may perceive.
For example our liver  is one of the organs which need more water for their proper functioning.
Keep in mind: All water within our bodies will serve as nutrient transport but serves also as vehicle of the wastes and without plenty of water there is no healthy life.
Since I always drink 0,5 litres of water barely get up. I try to drink half a litre more at midday and another near the end of the day. If I don’t do so  during a day now I am getting an awkward feeling, pretty bad it is. It is a matter of routine.
Returning further to the intestines: cleaning the same by using enema is very important.
It was formerly widely used because it was known that the accumulation of debris in the large intestine is responsible for many diseases
A diet rich in long fibers, namely ingesting many leafy vegetables as long sprouts for example, that also contain a generous amount of water and minerals helps to cleanse the bowel by keeping them healthy longer.
The skin and the water:
The function of the skin is poorly understood. Most people do not know that we perspire but also breathe through it.
If they knew  the clean up would be better and more widely used  and people would expose their skin to the air more often …exercising more in the nude!
The old naturists practiced nudism as a way of oxygenate the skin. Not long ago I read an article that talked of a substance that has our skin and hair, keratin, which besides making the skin a little tougher, it also has some other electromagnetic properties as an spiritual antenna.
That is, this substance allows absorption of free energy, or prana, which can be channeled into the body through the skin.
The skin should be exfoliated or cleaned frequently so debris expelled in sweat does not accumulate. It should also be aerated and must be put to the sun often, not to tan but to produce vitamin D.
You may point out that it’s winter and I’m crazy, but it’s not for taking in some air and sun that one gets sick, it is precisely the opposite.
Years ago, I made a chemotherapy in 6 treatments and between each of them I got air and indirect sun at the beach. A large part of the treatment was in winter.
I did the most of this exercise I could and that gave me very much energy. Took baths or after-sweating a lot and drank huge amounts of water…
I believed that all those things were good for me…
The hot or cold baths have different consequences. While the first is invigorating, the second is relaxing.
I think all baths for cleaning should be warm temperated and fast. Then one should gently rub the body to activate circulation when drying.
The temperatures and pressure of water are used a lot in SPA with very different purposes and I will not take time on these therapies because they are well known.
 Instead I want to talk to you about a osmosis treatment of the skin: the treatment of wet sheet.
The treatment of the wet sheet is one of the oldest methods of Hindu healing by water.
This treatment is cleansing the whole body excretions.
Although one can do it in different health conditions, with good supervision, I recommend it only when the person is fairly healthy and has no serious illnesses. If that is so, please do not use it without consulting a doctor.
Instructions of how it is done
Put yourself on a mattress with a plastic waterproof sheet and a thick blanket followed by a thin blanket.
Over this put up a thick sheet soaked in cool water and then twist it to get rid of any water surplus..
The person concerned should lie down naked in this sheet.
Then it is covered with another sheet in the same way as the thin blanket, followed by the thick one.
You must lay your head into a comfortable cushion, outside of this “package”, and  stay in such situation for about half an hour.
Afterwards a warm bath would be well advisable followed by a light massage.
Check-up on the sheet whether it is dirty and smelly. This means that the sewage present in the body of the concerned person has being drawn out completely by water present in the sheet.
The patient should drink water before treatment and continue to drink small goals during that half hour. After bathing take more drinks of water – the goal of quantity of which is to achieve 2 litres.
                                     The Dead Sea
The waters with many minerals such as “The Dead Sea” also can make this work debugging. Yet the extent of cleanup is not as deep as with the sheet-treatment .
The Jordan River where Jesus was baptized empties into the Dead Sea. And therefore speaking of Baptism many religions are practicing is meant as initiation and cleansing of sins.
Water as a re-boot or re-set system for humans
For all I explained here about  water, it is to be realized that clean water is what we call in the computer language “reset” or “reboot system”.
A computer reset clears any pending event or error and the system returns to a normal condition or an initial state. Rebooting a system in computer language is a re-boot of the operating system. And in such case in application to people there is a re-start in life with the assumptions of perfection and innocence that were considered when reincarnated. In other words: our Karma is clean.
From thereon the aura and body concerned are clean and if the person believes it a New Life may be started.
Immersion baths in our tub with salt, “fleur de sel region of Tavira in Portugal (Algarve)”  for example, which contains more than 80 minerals, is beside a cosmetic operation some great re-organization ofor an optimum of health.
                                   Tavira, Portugal
This post does not intend to make an apology for exhaustive water, but only to draw attention to some important things that may easily be forgotten.
I close with the water molecule and its particular aspect, that being small and simple is a wonderful piece of engineering.
To conclude, we know that water responds to human emotions:
Water responds to sound and frequency given by electronics:
Water is a six in numerology and six is the first number of GOD.
It’s a perfect number like the hexagonal geometry attached to it.
So there is a study about the water perfection in the beginning that is damaged nowadays with the human activities for consumption of products which creates  such pollution.
We are able to cleanse water using our emotions and the sound of the human voice. Our auras may do the same because they are the manifestation of light and colour of the emotional body and the sound of our soul is somehow translated to light and colour too.
And water is the universal cleansing product for us too.
When my mother lived nearby the Bengo River in North Angola she usesd a porous rock basin to clean the red water that comes from that river. After a lengthy process, the water came out clean and drinkable.
Now I know that is similar to the use of Effective Microorganism, or EM.
Find more about EM here:
The EM can be used beneficially to human health and  has been successfully applied  to agricultural – medical and various other issues of “rebooting Earth” – since these products have been commenced  in permaculturas:
These products are also to be used in drinking water to ensure a detoxification thereof, and an improvement in their molecular structure:
There are also products for internal use human can read the link from a supplier:
We also have to include a product in cleaning the house to make the home environment more healthy and balanced the bacterial level: EM-Refresh and still other products for human use with the micro-organisms included: toothpaste, soaps, bracelets that emit a magnetic resonance regenerative.
I thank God for the water helping us right now, where we do not have much awareness of it and the more we can help ourselves through water, the more we are developing this awareness.
Special thanks to Eva Maria Holstein who guided me about EM and send me properties of water videos.

Also in gratitude to the kindness of EM-Team Portugal that provided the links in Portuguese and Spanish at the level of human health.

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Peace and Love

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