Love – Life is simple


Life is simple.  The rules of life are simple.  All the turmoil and troubles of life, all the fears, all the illusions, all the ghosts of darkness,  are a failure to live by the simple rule.  Love!

The world is changing.  Awakening, ascension, uplifting,  is not something that is going to happen, it is happening, all around us and in us.  We are all in a  constant state of ascension, a constant remembering of who we are as children of the creator, creative source, by whatever name you use.  There are no dark powers other then the ones we create in our minds.  There are no ghosts or gollums or monsters lurking.  Their are no devils.  Those are merely shadows of the limitations, that we impose upon ourselves. Illusions created by our forgetting who we truly are.   

There is nothing to save but ourselves.  To save ourselves we only have to remember one thing.  To Love!   Everything else is a dream, an illusion which we created.  All the universe, all the galaxies, all the stars, all the solar systems, all the planets, all that we perceive of as material reality is formed of one thing.  Love.   All the fear, all the pain, all the suffering, all the war, all the loneliness and heartbreak, all of it exists only when we fail to love.  Love, everything, love everyone, love every experience, love every illusion of pain, and most of all love yourselves.  For you cannot love anyone or anything unless you truly love yourself.   Loving yourself is forgiving, it is caring, it is nurturing, it is healing and most of all it is sharing that love with all others and all the world and all the life of the world.   The great master, the great wayshower is said to have performed many miracles, as did the prophets before and the prophets after.  Yet all he did is live in Love.  Love without judgement, love without fear, love without any limitation at all.  And then he said, “All these things that I have done, you shall do, and greater things you will do.”

Remember that we are all children of the God, children of the source of all that is.  We are unlimited in our ability to affect change.  And in the human word, Love is the way, no matter the language.  Love is always the way, the only way.  To change the world we, must change ourselves.  To change ourselves, we must love ourselves even as the creative source we come from loves us.  And then we can love the world and all in this world and all the worlds that our souls shall remember.   There is no greater or lesser.  No good or bad.  We are all, everyone children of God, and we all have the power that comes to us from that source.  We are creators, not destroyers.

No matter the situation, no matter  the misunderstanding, just remember to Love.  Love is the answer the way, the truth, the light.   Only then can we change, and the world will change with us.  Love, pure unlimited love.  Not judgement, no fear.  Nothing but love.

In truth I tell you this world, this life is an illusion, but we all agreed to experience it.  Now we only have to remember from where we came.  For we are the children of the source of all that is.  We are born of our creators love, and our destiny, our purpose is to love.

Many wait for the return of Jesus but therein lies a great misunderstanding, for it is Jesus who waits for our return. Our return to a state of being we call Love.  Then and only then can he return to us in our hearts and minds.  For in that place we are all one in love.

We are all children of God, children of the creative source from which all knowing, all life springs.  The universe is much more then this world.  Yet we should love this world and care for it even as it provides for and cares for us.  Likewise we must care for each other, cherish each other, nurture each other, heal each other and most of all Love each other without limit or judgement.

Remember this.  Love  – Life is simple.  You are gods, the children of the source of all life.

Psalm 82:16  I said, “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;

John 10:34:  Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?

John 13:34:  Jesus says: A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another:

John 14:12: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.

Now I did not come here to speak to you of one great master and teacher, but chose his words because they resonate at this time with the souls in this world.  They were spoken by other’s before him and spoken by others after.   For all such thoughts and ideas originate from the source from which we are all part.  We are loved.  We only need to remember that and to know that our one duty is to love.  Love without limit.  Love without judgement.  Love without fear.  Only Love.

How many times has it been written and sang in song.  How many times has it been repeated throughout humanities sojourn in this world.  “Love is the answer” to every question.   Love does not know judgement, fear or limitation.  Therefore Love Yourself, and in doing love also every other expression of life and all that you see and experience.

So now I will end this sending you my light, my joy, my healing and most of all my love, for LOVE is all those things.

Blessing to all.   ~ David “Lightweaver”