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 written by Maria Chambers
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May 21, 2016

It’s no news that patterns seem to control our thoughts, emotions and actions. Even our biology. Patterns we picked up from our environment, mass consciousness and our biological lineage.
Here are some definitions of patterns:. “Configurations and tendencies forming a consistent or recurring characteristic. Something that repeats in a predictable way.
Emotional patterns are stored at a cellular level in specific organs in the body. The brain receives information, interprets and patterns it.”

The human mind tends to repeat patterns of thought and behavior in order to feel safe. Patterns even such as how we put our pants on, how we brush our teeth, and how we drive become second nature to us. It was done like this yesterday, so this is how we do it today, says our mind. Patterns were necessary to navigate in an environment where so much seemed unpredictable. It was the mind’s way of keeping life safe, ordered and flowing. Many patterns serve us, yet how many patterns became a limitation to our joy and freedom? And how many of us spent years, energy and money trying to change those pattern, whether they were about relationships, addictions, depression, anger, lack of health, abundance of resources or lack of self-worth?

Sometimes I would flip open a random page from a journal entry I wrote years ago and I would be a little embarrassed to discover that I was still dealing with some of the same issues. All the pontificating, all the self-analysis, all the angel cards, all the talking things out with friends….all totally appropriate….all part of the processing….facing long-buried emotions were a great benefit…but I can safely say that dramatic changes did not occur. And that’s because I was trying to change my human personality using my human personality’s mind.

Put simply, I was trying to break old patterns in myself using the very organ that is addicted to patterns!!
So all the therapies that use the human mind to change emotions and behaviors and tendencies don’t really offer any long-term resolutions. Things like positive thinking, visualization, hypnosis, NLP, psychoanalysis, acupuncture, essential oils, taking supplements for the brain, even flower essences…all fall short because they are limiting the healing process to the domain of the human psyche. Unless there is an awareness of the multidimensional self, and then allowing that self to work with the human aspect, it really does not go very well.


Now that we are awakening to our expansive self…whether you call it the Divine Self, or the soul, or god-self… and inviting, through ascension, that self to be with us, we are witnessing the de-structuring of old patterns within ourselves and even in the world around us.

It is just a natural process of our awakening. It’s why so few wanted to be in the forefront of this change. We were the ones who had the courage and capability to undergo such tremendous emotional and physical changes. Changes in our bodies and minds that the average human could not handle on a very good day. That’s because we are releasing eons worth of patterns and conditioned human responses that ended up in our body’s DNA.

Is it any wonder that everything seems to be in such chaos. But what if it’s not chaos at all, but just patterns being de-structured? When we talk about new energy, it’s not just a nice expression for the new consciousness. It’s brand new. It’s not structured the same as the old energy. It doesn’t rely on patterns in the same way as before. It seems unpredictable and that’s something we will need to get used to.

For eons of time predictability has been a big part of our lives. As long as we were in survival mode, we needed things to be relatively predictable. The problem with that is then things got boring and stale and stuck. It’s why we kept recycling these bodies. Dying and coming back. To not get so stuck in one personality, one lifetime, one story. Except even that had its limitations because we ended up coming back into the same family carrying around the same old inherited patterns in the next incarnation.
Things reached a point where there was nowhere to go with just the same old energy.
So fast forward and here WE are, pattern busters. The first to enter a brand new energy. The introduction of the light body process is the gateway to becoming our multi-dimensional selves while staying here on the Planet.

The door has been opened, with our new partner, our I AM, for a new perspective of our life. This requires, as we have discovered….courage, patience, and compassion for ourselves, trust in the unknown, and a good sense of humor. It’s not every day one recalibrates their human self, including their physical body ….. to create their own personal heaven on earth

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