Heavenletter #5630 A Prevalent Idea in the World, April 24, 2016

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The prevalent idea seems to be that it is a terrible thing to die, that death, in common parlance and in good conscience, has to be postponed until the last possible moment because of an idea that death is in flagrant disrespect of Life, as if death is the worst thing that can happen to you or anyone.

Death is simply the other side of the coin. The death of your current body is not the end of the world. It is not even the end of your Life.

The purpose of your present life is not – I repeat – is not avoidance of death. There is much more to life than that.

C’mon, guys, by now you must have a clue that leaving the body behind you is a part of Life, and an excellent part of Life as well. To lighten your fear, I will say that death is the best idea since Coca Cola, and I am a Genius.

Dear Ones, all the lengths you will go to justify attachment. The case is that you are attached to your body, and you may consider letting go of it a crime.

The death of a body is no more nor less than Life. Death can be likened to a graduation or an initiation into Eternity. Heaven can be considered another name for Infinity. In any case, death, as is everything else in Life, is a passing thing. Life is ordained to pass into death which simply means Life on another plane. What’s wrong with that?

Beloved, you do not have to pine over death any more than you have to call it to you. Death is a transit. It is no kind of failing whatsoever.

The main ambition of your Life is not to forestall death as long as you possibly can. The current idea seems to be that you are good to live and in the wrong to die, that it is honorable to live, and it is honorable to let your body go. In Truth, there is no death. Death is a misnomer. Death does not exist. There is no absence of Life.

Who can say when your time is to die, as the world would have it? Live your Life well until you wrap up your Life in the world and put it away for another day.

Death is okay. Death is not something to be ashamed of. Nor are you to look at death as a battle you must fight against and win. Life on Earth is a kind of dress rehearsal for what is to come anyway.

Through it all, the Truth is that you cannot die. You have Eternal Life. Your body can excuse itself, however. You might feel that your body fails when your body follows its purpose of getting out of the way. What a judgment about death the world makes.

You are alive on Earth for good reason, and you depart the Earth for good reason. Aha, there is a season for everything. What mortal is to decide that Life is a blessing and death is not?

The cause of death is not an illness or an accident despite what a coroner might say.

Never mind what the world says. Death is as much a blessing as is Life. You may think of Life as using the front door, and you may think of death as using the back door. All the doors are equal in value. One is not more worthy than another. Hello and good-bye are both part of Life.

In any case, I welcome you and pour My Love upon you.

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